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  • 23 June 2014


    “Mars happy nation”


    David Bowie’s Life On Mars? 45 was released forty one years ago yesterday in the UK. The 40th anniversary picture disc was released a year ago...

  • 22 June 2014


    “Somebody plays my song in tune”


    Extraordinary amount of press covering the current run of David Bowie is in Berlin. Pictured here are a few of the front covers, and as...

  • 22 June 2014


    “It’s a dog’s tomorrow”


    Forty years ago today, David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs 45 entered the UK singles chart at #37 (eventually climbing to #21), to give him his eleventh...

  • 11 June 2014


    “You got me spinning, baby”


    September 22nd sees the release of another very special limited DAVID BOWIE 7" picture disc release, the 40th anniversary edition of 'KNOCK ON...

  • 11 June 2014


    “But I I I and my heathen heart”


    David Bowie’s Heathen album was released on this day in 2002. (June 11 US/June 10 UK)

    The advertising campaign utilised the legend...

  • 10 June 2014


    “It was ragged and naïve, It was Heaven”


    The headline says it, but here’s a bit of background from the folks at PopUp Chorus℠.


    Recorded on Monday, June 2...

  • 7 June 2014


    “And me I’m on a radio show”


    Author, radio presenter and non-stop go-go dancer, Kevin Cann, has been in touch with details of a four hour Bowie Special on Channel Radio...

  • 6 June 2014


    "I believe in magic, Angel for life"


    Today is the twenty second anniversary of David and Iman’s official church wedding at Saint James Episcopal Church, in Florence,...