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  • 12 January 2015


    “Man, she punched me like a dude”


    The January 2015 issue of Record Collector magazine has a review of the Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) backed by ’Tis A Pity She Was A...

  • 11 January 2015


    “He said I was his friend...”


    Forty one years ago today a 25-year-old Lulu released the first of a few career resurrections in the shape of the Bowie-penned Polydor 45,...

  • 10 January 2015


    “It’s happening now”


    We’ve only just received details of this one, but if you happen to be in Berlin right now and you fancy celebrating David Bowie’s 68th birthday in...

  • 10 January 2015


    “Waiting for the gift”


    Daniele from Sound & Vision has been in touch with details of what looks like a jolly good evening to be had if you’re in Italy today. (...

  • 9 January 2015


    “Not only are these the last shows of the tour...”


    Sad to see the passing of The Netherlands' favourite Bowie tribute, ECHO BOWIE.

    The band are embarking on a mini...

  • 8 January 2015


    “Hooked to the silver screen”


    This Bowie Birthday evening sees two further US screenings of Hamish Hamilton’s David Bowie is documentary. Follow the links below for more...

  • 8 January 2015


    “Wild is the windy city”


    If you’re in Chicago tonight and Friday and you're missing the Bowie buzz since the David Bowie Is exhibition moved on, you can get another quick...

  • 8 January 2015


    “Fill your heart with love today”


    We’re sure you’ll want to join us in wishing many happy returns of the day to David Bowie on his 68th birthday.

    Happy Birthday...