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  • 17 January 2015


    “And nothing has changed, Everything has changed”


    One of the more inventive Bowie birthday tributes this year was created by illustrator, Helen Green.

    Unless you'...

  • 17 January 2015


    “And if the homework brings you down” *


    New Zealand’s Otago Daily Times has posted an online piece regarding a course currently underway at the University of Otago:...

  • 17 January 2015


    “Without you, what would I do?”


    Noel Gallagher has never made a secret of his appreciation for David Bowie’s music over the years, but now he’s gone a step further by...

  • 14 January 2015


    “There’ll be others on the line filing past, who’ll whisper Low”


    January 14 1977 saw the release of the first instalment of what came to be known as Bowie’s Berlin...

  • 12 January 2015


    “Man, she punched me like a dude”


    The January 2015 issue of Record Collector magazine has a review of the Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) backed by ’Tis A Pity She Was A...

  • 11 January 2015


    “He said I was his friend...”


    Forty one years ago today a 25-year-old Lulu released the first of a few career resurrections in the shape of the Bowie-penned Polydor 45,...

  • 10 January 2015


    “It’s happening now”


    We’ve only just received details of this one, but if you happen to be in Berlin right now and you fancy celebrating David Bowie’s 68th birthday in...

  • 10 January 2015


    “Waiting for the gift”


    Daniele from Sound & Vision has been in touch with details of what looks like a jolly good evening to be had if you’re in Italy today. (...