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  • 21 September 2017


    “We can be Heroes, for ever and ever, What d'you say?”


    In addition to tomorrow’s "Heroes" 7" picture disc release, Friday 22nd also sees the digital release of two new...

  • 21 September 2017


    “And it won't be forgotten”


    The November 2017 issue of MOJO has a generous 15 pages (plus cover), dedicated to “The Berlin Trilogy”. Here’s their blurb from the MOJO site...

  • 20 September 2017


    “Listen to tracks by Sam Therapy and King Dice”


    The November 2017 issue of Uncut magazine has a 9/10 review of David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town (1977–1982) by John...

  • 19 September 2017


    “Questioning saint-like and fantastic "Heroes"”


    The upcoming release of the David Bowie 'A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)' box set will be celebrated with an event...

  • 19 September 2017


    “He opened strange doors that we'd never close again”


    (ANCIANT = A New Career In A New Town)


    With just ten day to go till the September 29th release of...

  • 16 September 2017


    “What can I do? Standing next to you”


    Marc Bolan died forty years ago today on September 16th, 1977, two weeks before his 30th birthday.


    He was a close...

  • 14 September 2017


    “Ohhh, Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am!”


    With just two weeks to go until the release of ANCIANT, we thought you might like to hear this previously unreleased live version of...

  • 14 September 2017


    “I'll give you eyes of blue”


    Following the success of Sukita’s 'Blows Up' Bowie and Iggy exhibition in Japan back in January, the photographer is taking his 'DAVID BOWIE...