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  • 17 August 2015


    “Nothing’s gonna touch you in these golden years”


    Golden Years will be the last of the 40th anniversary 7" picture discs for 2015. Originally released on November 21 1975...

  • 17 August 2015


    “Commencing countdown, engines on”


    No prizes for guessing the next limited David Bowie 7" picture disc will be the 40th anniversary edition of Space Oddity.


  • 17 August 2015


    “There’s a sailor who sings”


    A limited edition pressing of David Bowie’s Man Of Words/Man Of Music album is to be issued on blue vinyl, alongside classic versions of...

  • 17 August 2015


    “My friends talk, of glory, untold dream”


    Andy Price from Anthem Publishing / MusicTech magazine has been in touch with an exclusive preview of an interview he’s done...

  • 15 August 2015


    “Baby, baby, I’ll never let you down”


    We’re sure you will all want to join us in wishing many happy returns of the day to Alexandria Zahra Jones…known to her friends and...

  • 14 August 2015


    “I could play the wild mutation as a rock & roll star”


    In the run up to the release of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, the boundaries...

  • 13 August 2015


    “Don't think you knew you were in this song...”


    The BBC were instrumental in promoting Bowie in the run up to the release of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The...

  • 12 August 2015


    “Switch on the TV we may pick him up on...”


    We’ve been talking about Brian Ward’s January 1972 Bowie photo session for the sleeve of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust...