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Royal Mail to honour Bowie with 10 special stamps

on January 25, 2017


“Somebody send me” 


Royal Mail in the UK has announced it will issue a set of 10 Special Stamps (pictured) as a tribute to David Bowie in March.


Among the items being produced are the following:


Set of 10 David Bowie Special Stamps (6 album covers and 4 live shots)

Presentation Pack

First Day Cover - Stamps

First Day Cover - Stamp Sheet

The Berlin Years Souvenir Cover

Album Art Fan Sheet

"Heroes" Framed Stamp and Print


Fans and philatelists alike can view all of the permutations and pre-order the stamps from today by visiting: 


The stamps will be on

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Thank you and goodbye to Lazarus

on January 24, 2017


“I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen” 


We were trying to think of a way of thanking everybody involved with the success of Lazarus after a very emotional final performance on Sunday. Help arrived unexpectedly in the form of a hand-written letter given to cast member Amy Lennox (Elly), after Sunday’s show.


The note was written by 15-year-old, self-confessed Bowie superfan, Anna Mallon. We tracked Anna down and she gave us permission to reproduce the note here. We think you’ll agree that she pretty well managed to say everything we would have wanted to say.


It just remains for us to say

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Duncan Jones breathes a sigh of relief

on January 23, 2017


“Bow-wow, woof woof, bow-wow, wow” 


You may have seen a Tweet from Duncan Jones which we Retweeted back at the start of the year. It was regarding the sad tale of a three-year-old Lurcher cross, Bowie, who had been “overlooked by hundreds of potential new owners because his eyes are different colours”.


Bowie had been looking for a home since November, and following an appeal by Dogs Trust Bridgend, Duncan Tweeted the following:


"Hoping someone near that dog might be able to help him find a home. One of those weird ones that got to me. "


Well, the good news is that Bowie

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Who Can I Be Now? break outs due February

on January 19, 2017


“I know all the best ways to break out of here...”


For those of you that don’t subscribe to the David Bowie newsletter, you may have missed that following the release of last year’s acclaimed ‘Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976’ box set, break outs of five selected albums from the set as stand-alone releases will be released on February 10 and are now available for pre-order:


Diamond Dogs

David Live (2005 mix)

Young Americans

Station To Station

Live Nassau Coliseum '76



#WCIBNBox  #WCIBNBreakouts  #WhoCanIBeNowBox  #BowieVinyl

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Moby on the importance of Low

on January 15, 2017


“There’ll be others on the line filing past, who’ll whisper Low”


Among the various celebrations of Low’s 40th birthday was a sweet piece by Moby on billboard, well worth a look for those that missed it.


Here’s a bit from the intro...


Forty years ago today, Jan. 14, 1977, David Bowie released Low, one of his several masterpieces and the first album of his "Berlin trilogy." The heavily electronic, Krautrock-indebted art rock album signaled a new creative period for Bowie. It peaked at No.