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Elena Anaya is Bowie for Mostra FIRE!! 2014

on June 03, 2014


“And she's hooked to the silver screen”


Spanish actress Elena Anaya has been transformed into David Bowie as he appears in Mick Rock’s iconic 1973 Life On Mars video, for the official spot of the Mostra FIRE!! 2014.

It’s a beautiful short directed by Juanma Carrillo and titled Born Heroes, set to a delightful cover version of Underworld’s Born Slippy. 

Here’s the blurb.


Elena Anaya, with the Mostra FIRE!!

Here is the official spot of the Mostra FIRE!! 2014, an artistic production by Juanma Carrillo, in which the extraordinary actress Elena Anaya literally transforms herself into David

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Bowie’s Deram debut is 47 today

on June 01, 2014


“When I Live My Deram”


David Bowie released his first album this day in 1967, albeit lacking the fanfare of Sergeant Pepper reportedly released on the same day by The Beatles, though Pepper was actually released a couple of weeks earlier. But that’s for Beatles’ buffs to explain.

Issued on the Decca subsidory, Deram, David Bowie is an album that has been unfairly dismissed over the years, even by Bowie himself on occasion.

This is a disservice that belies the fact that the record contained some classic Bowie recordings, including the likes of There Is A Happy Land, When I Live My Dream

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First ever cyber song webcast fifteen years ago

on May 24, 2014


“You’re always first online”


Today marks the 15th anniversary of David Bowie recording the first ever cyber song which was broadcast live on

The event took place right about now on Monday. May 24th, 1999, from 7 - 10 p.m. EST. The shot of Bowie here is from that very session.

Here’s an edited excerpt from the press release at the time.


David Bowie Records First Cyber Song 'What's Really Happening' Live on the Web


In a prolific career spanning over 30 years, DAVID BOWIE has always been on the cutting edge of technology and artistic endeavours.

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Diamond Dogs album is forty today

on May 24, 2014


“Diamond Dogs rule, OK”


In the same way that we recently set the cat among the pigeons with a revised release date for Aladdin Sane, we’re doing the same today with Diamond Dogs.

Despite most celebrations of the release taking place on April 24 and a few others waiting till next week, we’re pretty convinced the album was unleashed in the UK on May 24, 1974.

We won’t send you to sleep with the whys and wherefores of our conclusions again, suffice to say, scroll the images here for a glimpse of the release sheet from 1974 with today’s date on it.

Obviously we have more 'evidence' than that,

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Holy Holy TMWSTW Sheffield date - Glen Gregory speaks

on May 23, 2014


“Heaven 17 loves ya”


Due to very healthy ticket sales for their first crack at David Bowie’s 1970 opus, The Man Who Sold The World, we’re happy to exclusively announce a second Holy Holy performance of the album.

The extra gig will take place at the O2 Academy Sheffield, hometown of singer Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17, who is tasked with lead vocal at the shows.

It will be a proud homecoming for Gregory on Thursday 18th September. He first saw Bowie live at the University in Sheffield on February 18th 1972, only the fifth gig of the first Ziggy Stardust tour.

He had this to say about that