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My Night With Reg poster banned...or is it?

on January 20, 2015


“And you daren’t look behind”


Following a sell-out season at London’s Donmar Warehouse, the late Kevin Elyot’s play, My Night With Reg, transferred to the Apollo Theatre for a limited run at the weekend. (Saturday January 17th – Saturday April 11th 2015)

The new poster, unveiled last week, features actor Lewis Reeves with nothing to cover his modesty aside from a vinyl copy of the Ziggy Stardust album.

The image passed Advertising Standards Authority restrictions but the London Evening Standard reported that Transport For London (TFL) won’t allow it on the Underground.

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Helen Green talks about that Bowie animation

on January 17, 2015


“And nothing has changed, Everything has changed”


One of the more inventive Bowie birthday tributes this year was created by illustrator, Helen Green.

Unless you've been in hibernation, you’ve no doubt already seen her animated drawings of David Bowie sporting 29 different hairstyles, which she posted on her homepage and her facebook and tumblr pages on Bowie’s birthday.

Since then, it seems the planet has gone crazy for Helen’s Time May Change Me movie, with even the likes of The Guardian picking up on it today.

Helen kindly said a few words for us regarding the project:


“It’s become

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Brushing up on Bowie the New Zealand Way

on January 17, 2015


“And if the homework brings you down” *


New Zealand’s Otago Daily Times has posted an online piece regarding a course currently underway at the University of Otago: MUSI260 Special Topic: David Bowie

Here’s an edited excerpt from the article:


With Bowie turning 68 on January 8, senior executant lecturer in contemporary music, Dr Ian Chapman, and his class of 27 keen Bowie fans marked the occasion by singing their own Bowie-style version of Happy Birthday.

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Noel’s iTunes picks: “No Bowie, no point getting up”

on January 17, 2015


“Without you, what would I do?”


Noel Gallagher has never made a secret of his appreciation for David Bowie’s music over the years, but now he’s gone a step further by suggesting that without David Bowie there’s: “no point getting up in the morning.”

He made the comments for an iTunes feature explained here:


“iTunes have asked me to put together a list of my favourite albums and songs. Your life will become instantly more interesting should you even consider buying any of this gear. ONWARDS!” - Noel Gallagher


Among those selections were these:


The Next Day - David Bowie

“No matter

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Low album released 38 years ago today

on January 14, 2015


“There’ll be others on the line filing past, who’ll whisper Low”


January 14 1977 saw the release of the first instalment of what came to be known as Bowie’s Berlin trilogy. That album was the Bowie/Visconti produced Low and it was followed later the same year by "Heroes" with the trilogy completed in 1979 by the arrival of Lodger.

Most of the music across the three albums wasn't even recorded in Berlin, the unifying factor actually being Bowie, Visconti and Eno.

Much has been written about the brilliance and braveness of the music on Low, and rightly so.