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★ review on BBC Radio 4’s Frontrow

on January 05, 2016


“I can’t give everything, I can't give everything...”


BBC Radio 4’s Frontrow programme in the UK will be talking about the ★ album from 19:15 this evening.

If you listen in, you may even be privy to an exclusive snippet of a track that we haven't previewed yet.

Here’s the blurb from the Frontrow page.


David Bowie's new jazz-influenced album Blackstar will be released on Friday to coincide with the singer's 69th birthday.

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Third ★ billboard in London

on January 04, 2016


“Look up here, I’m in heaven”


Last month we told you about another huge billboard in London at the corner of Hammersmith Road / North End Road (next to Olympia exhibition centre).

As you can see from our snap, a third Jonathan Barnbrook ★ design has gone up overnight at the same location.

We’ve also included the actual artwork for a little more clarity.


#Blackstar  #imablackstar  #BlackstarAlbum  

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★ is album of the week in CULTURE

on January 03, 2016


“‘tis my curse I suppose”


The Sunday Times CULTURE supplement has ★ as the album of the week today in the Rock, Pop and Jazz appropriate umbrella for ★ perhaps.

The review, by Dan Cairns, was teased last week with lines such as: “Some of the songs are staggeringly beautiful, vocally he hasn’t sounded this strong for decades.”

It seems an overzealous sub-editor has chopped that particular sentence for this week’s version of the review, but here are some of the surviving observations made by Mr Cairns.


In his unrivalled career, Bowie has teased us – or so we like to believe –

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Scary Monsters 45 released 35 years ago

on January 02, 2016


“She opened strange doors that we'd never close again”


January 2nd 1981 saw the release of an edited version of the glorious, Britpop-blueprint title track from the Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) LP in the UK, with the single also being released in Germany and France.

The Bowie/Visconti produced track was the third single from the album and its release shortly after the 45 on the brand new cassette single format (now defunct), may have been what helped it enter the UK singles chart Top 20 later in the month.

Pictured here is one of the UK press adverts for the release and the German

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Bowie profile in The Guardian

on January 02, 2016


“A very strange enchanted boy”


Andrew Harrison has written an interesting piece on David Bowie for the regular Guardian Profile piece in today’s paper.

The full page feature is titled: “Turn and face the strange: time may change him, but not his mystique”, while the online version is headed: “David Bowie: Back in the spotlight, still refusing to play along”.

Here are a few edited paragraphs from it.


As Bowie discarded Ziggy for a succession of personae – the cadaverous, cocaine-addled soul boy of Young Americans, the austere European man-machine of his trilogy of Berlin albums – it