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Special Dvd Edition Of Reality Due Next Month

on October 14, 2003

It was a day in that blue month September...

Above is the sleeve of the special DVD edition of Reality scheduled for release next month. Due to overwhelming popular demand, Reality will be made available as a two-disc set that includes the album on CD and a region 2 encoded DVD of the Reality portion of last month's Riverside show.

Even though some may grumble that this means another purchase of Reality, this method was a cheaper way of making the DVD available to fans than releasing it as a stand alone DVD.

But, please do note that the DVD is region 2 only, and that it will include the

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Last Night's Oslo Set List And Reviews

on October 13, 2003

David Bowie in yet another new outfit at the Oslo Spektrum in Norway, last night.

'cOSLOve's such an old fashioned word...

David played a very similar set last night in Oslo to the previous Helsinki show but included 5:15 The Angels Have Gone for the first time on this tour. Here's the full run-down in the correct order of play:

Oslo October 12th 2003

01 New Killer Star
02 Modern Love
03 Fame
04 Afraid
05 Cactus
06 China Girl
07 Hallo Spaceboy
08 Sunday
09 Under Pressure
10 Pablo Picasso
11 White Light, White Heat
12 Ashes To Ashes
13 Never Get Old
14 The Motel
15 5:15 The Angels Have Gone
16 Loving The

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Win Never Get Old 2-track Promo Cd Single

on October 12, 2003

He looks me in the eye and he says he?s got his mind on a countdown 3-2-1...

As I think I may have mentioned in the news somewhere, Never Get Old will be the next single from Reality. While it isn't actually released until towards the end of November, we already have our grubby mitts on ten copies of the two-track promo for another exclusive BowieNet competition.

The final tracklisting for the commercial release of NGO isn't definite yet, but the additional track on the promo is David's brilliant cover of the Ray Davies song, Waterloo Sunset. As ever, there will most likely be regional

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New Bowienet Message Board Archive

on October 11, 2003

Beginning Monday, October 13th (tomorrow) we will be implementing the New BowieNet Message Board Archive. The New Archive system will increase message board performance considerably. The message boards currently have 50,000 threads with almost HALF A MILLION individual posts! Over the course of the week, old message board threads will be moved to the Bowie Archive. The Archive will be accessible through the current message board navigation.

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Uk Ticket Resolution From Bill Z

on October 11, 2003

We?ve now had a chance to evaluate every alternative and have come to a conclusion as to what we are going to do. Before I go into detail, I want to thank everyone again for their patience during what has been nothing less than a painful process. As usual, we won?t be able to make everyone happy, but I believe we are offering the best and fairest alternative available to the members.As many of you know, production rehearsals and opening night were very important in determining the quality of seats on the side of the stage.