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Flowers? ...we Have A Winner!

on April 09, 2003

I found the secrets, I found gold...

Sorry for the delay on this one... those of you who took part know what it's about. (04/05/03 SNIPPET: BOWIENET NEWS ARCHIVE FOR MARCH IS LIVE) The BowieNetter, who will receive a signed four-track Heathen promo is...wait for it... wldjareth!

Send me your name and address Shannon, and we'll get your promo out to you. Well done, and thanx to those of you who did take part in this latest exercise in instant silliness. };-)

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Bowienet/ebay Auction Of More Mick Rock/mtr Goodies

on April 08, 2003

At least a picture on the wall...

As the current auction draws to a close, (04/01/03 NEWS: BOWIENET/EBAY AUCTION OF MTR GOODIES) we are offering two similar lots in a new auction. Two more Mick Rock framed photographs from the MTR Bowie exhibition are now live. You can reach each auction by clicking on the pictures below.

Ziggy and Ronno perform The Jean Genie in London, October 1973.

This exciting mono shot of David Bowie and Mick Ronson was taken by Mick Rock at London's Marquee Club in October 1973. This show was the very last performance David Bowie gave as the Ziggy Stardust character,

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David Bowie: Live In New York - The Winners

on April 06, 2003

There it is, the book, the winner you once talked of being...

This is what you've all been waiting for, but before I announce the winners, here's the percentage breakdown of the voting:

David Bowie: Live in New York = 45%
David Bowie: The New York Bowiethon = 30%
David Bowie: The New York Gigs = 25%

So, David Bowie: Live in New York it is. Above is an exclusive look at the Rex Ray designed cover with the title you voted for. If all of the winners below could please send their real name and addresses to me again, just to make sure we got it right.

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Last Chance To Win Signed Copy Of Mask's Bowie Book

on April 06, 2003

Roseland Poster 2002. DB by Myriam Santos-Kayda.
Print designed by Rex Ray... signed by the lot of 'em.

Now you pick them on the screen...

OK, we're wrapping this one up now. You have until 8:00am (GMT) tomorrow morning to join in on this one if you haven't already. We told you all about Myriam Santos-Kayda's book in a news piece last week, (03/29/03 NEWS: WIN A COPY OF MASK'S BOWIE BOOK - WITH FOREWORD BY DB) but I can now confirm that not only will our five lucky winners receive a copy signed by Myriam, but it will also be signed by Rex Ray, who has designed the thing... AND David Bowie,