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More From Filter And Soma Magazines

on August 13, 2003

Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, angel...

As promised yesterday, we can now bring you the full interview transcriptions from the Filter and Soma magazines that Blammo told you about last month (07/05/03 NEWS: DB ON COVER OF FILTER MAGAZINE) and (07/13/03 NEWS: BOWIE ON COVER OF SOMA.)

The FILTER cover is headed, Bowie?s Return To The Golden Years and the article is entitled Such A Perfect Day. Age, Youth, Music, Death, Charm, Grace, Godlessness, Hope and Lipstick with David Bowie. It is really worth the (long) read as David is at his stimulating best and there are

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Text Number Change For Satellite Show

on August 13, 2003

News had just come over...

In the last hour, we have received news of a change to the previously advertised text number for the David Bowie 'Live By Satellite - Text and Win' competition for one of five pairs of V.I.P. tickets including travel and overnight accommodation in London.

The new number is 81145. You need to text 'Bowie' to '81145'. Texts cost £1.50 plus the usual cost of your text messages.

I am assured that if you have already sent messages to the old number, you will NOT have been charged for those, and NOR will you have been entered for the competition.

We do

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More From Complex Magazine

on August 12, 2003

He brings you out in style...

As a follow up to Blammo's news item on the August/September 03 edition of Complex magazine (07/19/03 NEWS: MOS DEF AND DB FEATURE IN COMPLEX MAGAZINE) we now bring you the full interview transcript. The seven page article is entitled 'The Style Council' and opens with 'Renaissance Men David Bowie and Mos Def Chop It Up About Fame, Fashion, and the Pursuit Of Happiness'. The magazine contains four fabulous new photos of David in addition to the front cover shot, so it is well worth getting your hands on.

Here are a couple of thought provoking quotes from

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Bowienet Tickets For London Satellite Show

on August 11, 2003

You want more and you want it fast...

Now that the news of David Bowie's Sept 8th 'Live By Satellite' show has reached the rest of the world, we are very happy to bring you more details on how BowieNetters can be at this exclusive and innovative worldwide event.

Total Blam Blam will be posting an item which will tell you how to apply for a ticket to attend the venue where the show will be filmed, sometime soon after he returns to BowieNet this coming weekend.

I can tell you that tickets will NOT be for sale.