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Five Firsts For Second Paris Show

on October 21, 2003

DB strumming a twelve-string during last night's show.

Paris: 15 million and 30...*

David Bowie's second show at the Bercy may have been a little shorter than the previous evening, but it was certainly no less of a show for that. Last night's gig was particularly enjoyable for those who have been following the tour, as there were five songs performed last night for the first time on the tour.

Those songs were: All The Young Dudes, I've Been Waiting For You, and three songs from Low: Sound And Vision, Be My Wife and Always Crashing In The Same Car.

David's wish to rock things up a little

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Times Review Of Last Night's Paris Show

on October 20, 2003

David Bowie strips for action at the Bercy last night.

Does he fly like Mr. Superman, speak Chinese, French and Dutch?*

David Bowie's A Reality Tour rolled into Paris last night, for the first of two dates at the Bercy. David was in high spirits, peppering the evening with displays of his perfect command of French with, for example, the announcement of 5:15 The Angels Have Gone as "cinq fifteen The Angels Have Gone"!

David Bowie removes even more clobber... where will it end?

The set list was almost identical to Saturday's Frankfurt show, but with the addition of DB's and Gerry's beautiful

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Ngo Double-a Side Is Radio 2 Single Of The Week

on October 19, 2003

Just playing that latest record... Part 5

Radio 2 has selected the double A side, Never Get Old / Waterloo Sunset as Single Of The Week. This is great news, as Radio 2 is the most listened to station in the UK and the SOTW obviously receives very heavy rotation... Indeed, as I type this Never Get Old is playing!

Let's hope this turns even more people on to the release here in the UK. You can listen to Radio 2 live online by clicking on the image above.

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Win Never Get Old 2-track Promo - Part Two

on October 18, 2003

He looks me in the eye and he says he?s got his mind on a countdown 3-2-1...

Wow, this is a popular contest... I don't think I'll ever figure you lot out. So, on to part two. Firstly, if you didn't even know there was a part one yet, check out last Sunday's news. (10/12/03 NEWS: WIN NEVER GET OLD 2-TRACK PROMO CD SINGLE)

BowieNetter Thomass72 has come up with a nice Reality-related question for the second part of this contest. It may seem initially difficult, but I know the great majority of you will have no problem getting to the bottom of this one... so here goes:

There are two songs on