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on September 19, 2003

I discovered a star...

Don't forget to tune in to Virgin Radio in the UK and online, tomorrow (Sunday) at 6.00PM UK time.

David will once again be the guest of Ben Jones for Superstars, the show in which movie, music and TV superstars play their favourite tracks.


I think about personal history...

An interview David gave last year on public radio is now streaming at Fresh Air Online.

You'll remember that although this interview was broadcast, it wasn't streamed at the time.

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The Today Show: Bowienetters Report

on September 19, 2003

Yesterday was such an easy game for us to play...

Many of you have either already seen yesterday's Today show broadcast, or perhaps you were even there. There's been ton's of stuff already posted about this, including a report from the msnbc website, with streaming files of David's performance. And of course, there are the usual bunch of fantastic shots over at too.

But, I thought I'd hand our news piece over to two lucky women who each won a place in the VIP pen via BowieNet. Firstly, the excellent pictures on this page were taken via the lens of BowieNetter wwlh, while the

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Bowie Special On French Tv Tonight

on September 17, 2003

Switch on the TV we may pick him up on France two...

As I mentioned in yesterday's Carson Daly piece, French TV station, France 2, are showing a two hour Bowie special produced by Trafic.Musique tonight at 23:05 local time. I would double-check that time though, just in case there has been a schedule change since I received that information.

David performed a great seven-song set, interspersed with some fascinating interviews and guest appearances, and I think by now it's common knowledge that David was joined by a very special guest onstage when he performed Fashion with Blur front man,

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Bowie On Carson Daly Show Tonight

on September 17, 2003

Oh we can't dance, we don't talk much, we just ball and play...

According to our on-the-spot reporter (Hallo iamadj) an exciting time was had by all at tonight's Carson Daly taping. Iamadj told me, via a Trans-Atlantic phone call, that David looked as cool as ever in a cream jacket, scarf and black jeans, with the tartan plaid spats footwear effect that he's been sporting recently. He was happy to sign autographs (DB, not iamadj) and he performed three numbers: New Killer Star, Never Get Old and Hang On To Yourself.

The topic of conversation between Bowie and Carson lurched from what David

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Font Sample Test - Do Not Delete

on September 17, 2003

normal body text looks like this

09.23.2003 NEWS: textHeadline1 HEADLINES LOOK LIKE THIS

textHeadline1 looks like this

textHeadline2 looks like this

textHeadline3 looks like this

textBlam1_13 looks like this

textBlam1_12 looks like this

textBlam1_11 looks like this

normal body text looks like this

textBlam1_10 looks like this

textBlam2_13 looks like this

textBlam2_12 looks like this

textBlam2_11 looks like this

textBlam2_10 looks like this

textBlam3_13 looks like this

textBlam3_12 looks like this

textBlam3_11 looks like this

textBlam3_10 looks like this

textCaption looks like this