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Glasgow And Milan Tickets Presale Now On

on July 07, 2003

It's happening now...

We have literally just now received members-only tickets to the October 23rd show at the FilaForum in Milan, Italy, which are now on sale along with the newly-added November 28th show at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland. There are also still some members-only tickets left for the November 23rd show at The Point in Dublin, Ireland.

The Glasgow presale will end at 3:00pm UK time this Thursday, just ahead of the public sale on Friday. (See story below) Tickets for the 2nd Dublin show and the Milan show will stay on sale until our allotment runs out.

I think you have all

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Glasgow Presale Tickets Available Shortly

on July 07, 2003

I've gotta pack my bagpipes, leave this home, start walking, yeah...

The Scottish Bowie show, (at The Glasgow SECC on November 28th) that we told you about yesterday goes on sale to BowieNetters in just under three hours time, at 8:00pm UK time in fact.

Tickets for the general public sale will be available from 9:00am on Friday July 11th, when those of you that don't already have tickets via BowieNet can purchase your tickets online via ticketmaster (click on TM Scotland link) or via

Not much more I can say, except keep watching the A Reality Tour Tickets Page.

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At Last, The Official Gad Website!

on July 07, 2003

Gail Ann "Black-arach" Dorsey. Photograph by Susan Alzner.

Another girl standing next to me...

Gail Ann Dorsey finally has an official presence on the information super-highway, with the advent of The site is still under construction right now, but among the sections you can access, such as an in-depth biography and gig news, there is a photo gallery with a whole bunch of beautiful pics of Gail by Susan Alzner, such as the one above.

Hopefully the "coming soon" music and multimedia section will include some snippets from Gail's forthcoming album, which I've heard very good

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Ky And Frank Black In London Tomorrow

on July 06, 2003

Kristeen Young in the Underworld by Total Blam Blam.

We could prepare to ascend...

After her triumphant debut at Camden's Underworld last month, (06/10/03 NEWS: GRANDADDY AND KRISTEEN YOUNG ROCK LONDON) Kristeen Young has been asked back by the venue to provide the support slot for the sold out Frank Black show.

She'll be performing sans band again, but don't let that give you the impression that her performance is anything less than dynamic and exciting in the extreme.

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Bowienet Presale For Scottish Date Tomorrow

on July 05, 2003

Well, how come you only want tomorrow...

The presale of BowieNet tickets for David's newly-added date in Scotland will go on sale tomorrow (Monday) at 3:00pm EST or 8:00pm UK time... So, I suppose you want to know some details regarding the when and where of the show? Patience my friends, all good things, etc., etc.

Firstly, you may like to know that when I asked David recently (after some silence regarding this gig) whether there was still going to be a Scottish Bowie show, he replied thus:

"erm...a promise is a...ah...promise...innit?'ll be a bricht nicht the ken."

And who can argue