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Exclusive New Journal From Db... It's A Longun'!

on July 20, 2003

Just a few of DB's listening recommendations so far this year. BowieNetters can read more about
one of these particular bands in his latest, lengthy journal, by clicking on the cover of their choice!

So I've been writing just for you...

David enjoyed an evening out with a few friends last week, and frankly, it was all a bit of a Blur. Read about this and more in today's exclusive BowieNet journal, which BowieNetters can reach by clicking on one of David's favourite albums so far this year, above.

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Db On Vh1's '200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons'

on July 20, 2003

Wondrous beings chained to life...

The latest new series of shows from VH1's '100 Greatest...' specials features their take on 'The 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons'. Here's what they have to say:

The 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons is wide in scope, accounting for television characters (Gilligan and Miss Piggy) cartoon crazies (Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo), Hollywood heroes (Rock Hudson and Jim Carrey), and of course rock stars... Each will be the subject of a pithy profile that's sure to reveal new tidbits of info while reminding you of their subject's longstanding cultural significance.

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Mos Def And Db Feature In Complex Magazine

on July 18, 2003

A Complex fashion...

The new issue of American magazine Complex (August/September 03) has a Mos Def and David Bowie cover feature with a seven-page article and a new photo session. The piece is entitled 'The Style Council' and the blurb for it runs thus: Renaissance Men DB and Moss Def Chop It Up About Fame Fashion and the Pursuit Of Happiness.

David kindly gave us this exclusive quote regarding his encounter with Mos Def:

"I was knocked out by Mos. He is so on the ball and has a wide perspective of where he is and where he wants to go. Top man.

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Sound+vision Box Set Due In The Autumn

on July 17, 2003

Waiting for the gift of Sound+Vision...

EMI have confirmed the tracklisting for the revamped Sound+Vision 4 CD box set that we told you about last month. Originally released in the US only, but heavily exported around the globe, the set has been updated with another one and a half discs of extra tracks, that's 24 extra in total. The extra tracks start from track 10 on disc three, which is Baal's Hymn from the Baal EP.

All of the tracks are the most recent digitally-remastered versions, meaning that most (if not all) of those that appeared on the original set have been updated for this

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More Classic Bowie At Arlene Grocery On Sunday

on July 16, 2003

Singing old songs we loved...

Following on from their successful David Bowie Classic Album Nights over the past couple of years, (The last time being: 12/18/02 NEWS: BOWIE NIGHT ON NEW YEAR'S EVE AT ARLENE GROCERY) the legendary New York club, Arlene Grocery, has another scheduled for this coming Sunday July 20th.

At the moment, the schedule is roughly as follows:

8:30pm Aladdin Sane

9:30pm Ziggy Stardust

10:30pm Various selections from Diamond Dogs, Hunky Dory, Young Americans and Space Oddity

The usual suspects will be recreating the music, including the talents of:

Charlie Roth - Musical