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Bowie In The Bahamas Full Set List

on December 22, 2003

A triumphant DB and Iman shortly after winning a traditional
piggy-back race backstage at MSG just last week. The
couple beat two teams from Interpol, as well as David
Byrne on Meg White and Jude Law on Lenny Kravitz.

He was awful nice, Really quite Paradise...

Finally got some details about Saturday night's show at the Atlantis Paradise Island hotel in Nassau in The Bahamas. As you know, a few hundred turned up for this one-off radio gig from all over The States.

Apparently the auditorium was a sit down affair with fairly tough security, so the folks were up and down like yo-yos.

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You've Found S+v Photocard Number 2

on December 20, 2003

Waiting for the gift of Sound + Vision

If you're looking for it, you'll be happy. If it makes no sense, then visit this news story: 12/27/03 NEWS: THE GREAT BOWIENET HOLIDAY GIVE-AWAY - PART 2