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Seattle Set List And Pix

on January 26, 2004

"Gail, get over here. We can do that Peters and Lee tune... 'Welcome home, welcome...'"

And a really fine pair of shades, Means everything, And the light that blinds my eyes, Shines from you... *

David Bowie returned to American soil last night for a show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Again, I've not read any reviews just yet, but according to a series of pictures on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer web site, David "borrowed sunglasses from a fan because of the bright spotlights at the Paramount during his performance".

Well, the evidence is here in these pictures from BowieNetter

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Db Track On Brel Compilation

on January 24, 2004

In the port of Amsterdam, There's a Sailor who sings...

Originally due last year, Next, a tribute to Jacques Brel, is now scheduled for release next week in France (I guess the French deserve it first, even if Brel was a Belgian) and here in the UK on March 15th. David Bowie is represented here by his brilliant version of Amsterdam.

Along with Scott Walker, DB was instrumental in bringing the name of Jacques Brel to a wider audience here in the UK, via this recording of Amsterdam, and through his breathtaking live version of My Death.

Apart from the famous version of My Death performed at

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Vancouver Set List

on January 24, 2004

Yeah! I was shaking like a maple-leaf...

David Bowie played his last Canadian show for a couple of months last night, with a gig at General Motors Place Bowl in Vancouver. I don't have any reviews or pictures from the show just yet, but here's the officially confirmed 28-song set list:

Vancouver January 24th 2004

01 Rebel Rebel
02 New Killer Star
03 Reality
04 Fame
05 Cactus
06 She'll Drive The Big Car
07 All The Young Dudes
08 China Girl
09 I've Been Waiting For You
10 Days
11 A New Career In A New Town
12 Breaking Glass
13 The Man Who Sold The World
14 Hallo Spaceboy
15 Sunday
16 Under Pressure
17 Life On