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Riverside Rocks Around The World

on September 09, 2003

North along Riverside...

Even if you weren't at Riverside, or any of the cinemas screening the event, I'm sure you've all heard about what a great show we witnessed last night. That view is backed up on the MBs and today's press here in the UK, with praise from The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Evening Standard and The Daily Mirror. There's also a review on the BBC site, to which you can ad your own comments.

David has described Reality as being built to play live, and last night was certainly evidence of that.

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Get Some Reality Online Tonight

on September 08, 2003

If I did casually mention tonight...

For those of you that won't actually be at the show, or one of the many cinema broadcasts of David Bowie's live-by-satellite Reality presentation from London tonight, you may be interested in the following, as the show can also be heard on the radio in Italy and Germany.

Tune in to Italy's RAI/Radio 2 station online at and in Germany listen to - you will need RealOnePlayer if you want to listen online from anywhere else in the world.

The broadcast is scheduled to start at 8:00pm (GMT).

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Reality At The Riverside Tonight: Final Reminders

on September 08, 2003

Don't lean on me man, 'cos you can't afford the ticket...

For those of you expecting one of the above this evening, please be sure to be at the Riverside in good time, as it could take a fair while to process all the winners.

Double check my post of a few days ago regarding the stuff you need to know for tonight, ( 09/05/03 REMINDER: SEPTEMBER 8TH WINNER INSTRUCTIONS) and please try to remember what draw you won in, (1 to 5) to make it easier for us to find your names on the lists.

If you're going to any of the live cinema broadcasts, do let us know how it went, and don't forget to go to the

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Nks Promo Cd Competition Winners

on September 07, 2003

All my idiot questions, Let?s face the music and dance...

Here are the results of our very popular competition for the single track promo CD of New Killer Star that we set last week. (09/02/03 NEWS: CD FORMATS, KINKS COVER, HMV DOWNLOAD AND NKS COMP)

We asked for a list of Bowie songs that have the word Star in the title. The only criteria that the song had to meet, was that it had to be an official release and must include the whole word, but not as a part of another word, such as Stardust. The ten people who did just that, and that were also lucky enough to be selected by TRG are:


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Win Tickets For Ny Screening Of Reality Presentation

on September 06, 2003

New York's a go-go...

We finally have confirmed details for the NYC screening of David Bowie's Reality presentation that will take place on September 15th. At the moment this will be the only screening of the event in the US, and I've not been given any reason to believe there will be more. Here's a bit from the official blurb:

On September 15, 2003, David Bowie's performance -- filmed live in London on September 8th -- will be seen at a secret cinema location in New York. A select number of Bowienet members will have the opportunity to win tickets money cannot buy.

The show features David