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The Great Bowienet Holiday Give-away - Part 2

on December 26, 2003

Waiting for the gift of Sound + Vision

And so, on to the second of our BowieNet Holiday Give-aways. We have five copies of the very sexy four-disc Sound+Vision box set to give to five very lucky BowieNetters. We've told you all about this one already, (See original BowieNet story: 07/18/03 NEWS: SOUND+VISION BOX SET DUE IN THE AUTUMN) but, just to recap, here's what this beautifully packaged set contains...

Apart from the 72 compiled tracks of hits, album cuts, rarities and remixes, covering the period 1969 to 1993, the box also includes a 96 page booklet with lots of rare colour pictures, 4

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Post 4701

on December 24, 2003