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Win A Copy Of Mask's Bowie Book - With Foreword By Db

on March 28, 2003

"Does my face show some kind of glow?"
David Bowie by Myriam Santos-Kayda.

You gotta act tall, think big, if you wanna make a mark in her book...

Those of you that attended the New York Marathon run of five Bowie shows last year, may have noticed BowieNetter Mask darting around at the front, snapping away with her Brownie. Her privilege was extended offstage to rehearsals before the tour, rehearsals at the venues, backstage preshow and backstage post show, and now she has collected together a record of her incredible experience in a new photo book.

Apart from Mask's pictures, (whom I shall

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on March 27, 2003

Living in lies by the railway line...

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the 1993 mini-series The Buddha Of Suburbia, BBC 4 (UK) will be showing the whole series over two nights next week. Here's an extract from the BBC's webpage:

On The Buddha of Suburbia's tenth anniversary it's difficult to appreciate the controversy and moral furore which this adaptation of Hanif Kureishi's debut novel provoked. It's drenched in drugs and sex, which everybody seemed to enjoy, but Kureishi's insistence on creating characters who were not simply social ciphers proved more contentious.

The show airs at

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Drew Barrymore Wrestles With Bowie

on March 27, 2003

"You'll have someone's eye out with that collar!"
Lady Insane, AKA Drew Barrymore in Full Throttle.

Angels like them thin on the ground...

Some of today's press here in the UK have picked up on a story we first told you about last August. (08/18/02 SNIPPET: DREW BARRYMORE GETS THE ALADDIN SANE TREATMENT) Timed perfectly for next month's 30th anniversary of the release of Aladdin Sane, promotional shots from the new Charlie's Angels film, Full Throttle, have begun to circulate, and the picture of Drew Barrymore in an approximation of Mr Sane's clobber seems to have caught the imagination of

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Dot Music's First 'on Demand' Classic Artist Feature

on March 26, 2003

You're always first on the line...

Top of the list yesterday at Dot Music News was the launch of their exclusive and very first, multimedia 'on demand' classic artist feature. They say:

You don't need an excuse to celebrate David Bowie but to coincide with the Ziggy Stardust releases, we're launching a Bowie special - our first classic artist feature.

They offer downloads, their 'Ultimate Top 10', an 'Alternative Top 10' and five recommended albums. You can watch three tracks from The Ziggy Motion Picture DVD, and listen to continuous streaming Bowie hits.