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A Reality Tour: Reports, Pix And Press Release

on October 08, 2003

The European cannon is here...

David Bowie's A Reality World Tour kicked off with obvious style and much excitement last night in Copenhagen. The two and a half hour set included a fine balance of new and old songs plucked from as far back as Hunky Dory and included seven songs from Reality. Here is the full set list:

Copenhagen October 7th 2003

01 New Killer Star
02 Afraid
03 Fame
04 Cactus
05 Battle For Britain (The Letter)
06 Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
07 Breaking Glass
08 Reality
09 Changes
10 The Man Who Sold The World
11 Hallo Spaceboy
12 Under Pressure
13 Sunday
14 Bring Me The Disco King

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European Leg Of Reality Tour Kicks Off Tonight

on October 06, 2003

Welcome to Reality...

The European leg of David Bowie's much-anticipated Reality World Tour kicks off tonight at The Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. The press here in the UK are already getting excited, with the above piece appearing in this morning's Daily Star.

I had the very good fortune to be at the top secret final dress rehearsal in Brussels on Saturday, and without giving anything away whatsoever, you lot are in for a complete feast of incredible sound and vision.

I've posted a few pictures below from Saturday's rehearsal, but obviously they don't even begin to hint at the surprises in

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A 3rd Message For Uk Ticket Holders From Bill Z

on October 06, 2003

Many of you have begun to receive missing tickets. More will be sent every day (for both Europe and the U.K.) Setting up the show at rehearsals was helpful in determining which seats might be obstructed, but because the rehearsal hall was set up quite differently than the U.K. venues, I won't really know until tomorrow in Copenhagen.At some point tomorrow we will know exactly which seats are good, bad or just O.K. Please hang on for a couple of more days. We'll have news for you shortly.Thanks again for your patience.Bill Z

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Mb's Will Be Unavailable During Today's Presales

on October 06, 2003

In order to optimize BowieNet's speed during ticket pre-sales today, the Messageboards will be unavailable.

The Boards will be re-activated once the initial pre-sale traffic has subsided.

Thank you,
The BowieNet staff