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Db Ready To Rumble In Latest Journal

on March 07, 2003

I've got ninety-nine ways to play my guitar...

What's the link between David Bowie and... erm... Link Wray? Well it's not for me to say, but before you click on the image above to take you to David's latest journal, just try and have a little guess.

Has David recorded Raw Hide or the Batman Theme perhaps? Or maybe Mr Wray and Sailor share the same tailor? What about that rumoured family connection via a third uncle twice removed... admittedly it's a rumour I just started, but, whatever the truth, if you want to know for sure there's only one way to find out. };-)

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More Tibet Stuff From Bowienetters

on March 05, 2003

David Bowie at the Tibet House Benefit show last
week. Picture taken by BowieNetter Alison Hale.

I keep a photograph...

BowieNetters Alison Hale and Ursula2k have sent in some more pictures from last week's Tibet show. Alison, you may remember, was responsible for the brilliant pictures of David in Denmark getting a little amorous with a teddy bear, which I must post here for those of you that never saw them elsewhere.

Anyway, I have posted one of her Tibet shots above, and another on the MBs which you can reach by clicking on the one above. Thanx a lot Alison.

Meanwhile, Ursula2k, (whose

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Gail Ann Dorsey Chat Today

on March 04, 2003

A pre-teen Gail Ann gets funky with a big guitar and a Peter
Frampton Comes Alive T-shirt. Thanx to Gail for the picture.

Oh she's a tongue twisting storm, come to the chat tonight...


For those of you that can make it, don't forget about the GAD chat that we told you about a couple of days ago. (03/03/03 NEWS: GAIL ANN DORSEY CHAT ON WEDNESDAY, PLUS INTERVIEW)

The chat takes place today at 2:30pm EST, that's the work-friendly time of 7:30/8:30pm for most of Europe.

You can read the transcript of an interview that Gail did for Bass