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Watch Video-montage Of Bowie Rehearsals Now

on August 18, 2003

Although I wasn't there...

As promised by David on the MBs over the weekend, here's a short video-montage of a couple of songs from the current tour rehearsals. This is just a tiny taster of what the lucky BowieNetters attending tomorrow night's show at Ploughkeepsie will be getting... and what a delicious taste it is.

Without giving anything away, it's also great to see that Gail has finally persuaded David to perform the second of the two songs in this montage. But, if you need a hand with the words on this particular song David, you know who not to come to!

For those of you that haven't

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One Last Chance For Chance Tickets

on August 18, 2003

Can't we give ourselves one more Chance...

We have literally just been told that BowieNet has been allocated another batch of tickets for the BowieNet warm-up show at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, New York, tomorrow night.

The show had originally sold out moments after it went on sale a couple of weeks ago, (08/04/03 NEWS: BOWIENET WARM-UP SHOW AT THE CHANCE IN POUGHKEEPSIE) but now there's an extra chance for some of you that were unsuccessful the first time around, but that can still make it to the show in time tomorrow.

As we pointed out in that original story, this is in effect a

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Hammersmith Show Ticket Contest Next Week

on August 17, 2003

All you've got to do is win...

The exclusive BowieNet contest for tickets for David's concert at Riverside Studio, Hammersmith, in London on Monday 8th September 2003, will begin sometime around the middle of next week.

As you all know by now, this groundbreaking event will be broadcast live to cinemas around the globe, but only BowieNet members will be able to enter this contest to win tickets to the actual live, and most intimate, performance in Hammersmith.

The contest will most likely be a simple names-in-the-hat random draw that will take place over a few days, with just one ticket for

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Reality Tour Ticket Collection Update

on August 16, 2003

Ch ch ch ch changes...

Last week we told you about our ticket collection scheme to take place this coming Tuesday in London. (08/14/03 NEWS: REALITY TOUR EARLY MEMBERS-ONLY TICKET PICK UP)

Well, there's no change there, apart from the fact that one of the knock on effects of the US power problems of the last couple of days, is that not all of the tickets have been produced in time for Tuesday's collection service.

Those of you affected by this change will shortly receive an e-mail outlining the changes below, but just in case you don't, here's the info again...

Tickets for the following shows

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on August 15, 2003