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Happy Birthday Mr George Underwood

on February 04, 2003

"I'm stuck with a valuable friend..." GU and DB backstage at
last year's Hammersmith show. Picture by Total Blam Blam.

On his 56th birthday, told her that he'd found a chum...

Many happy returns of the day to George Underwood on his 56th birthday. Just one month younger than his life-long pal, Glam Rock star David Bowie, George is infamous for being the chap that bopped our David in the eye in a playground battering that changed David's appearance forever, and gave him his unique trademark.

He's also well known among Bowie fans for many other contributions, not least of all his work on the

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Berlin Sat 1 Broadcast Finally Confirmed

on February 03, 2003

I'll give you television... (eventually)

A little bit embarrassing this one. "...likely to be nearer mid February than the rumoured date of the 8th or 9th" we said earlier last month... or more accurately I said. (01/10/03 NEWS: BERLIN SAT1 BROADCAST DATE TO BE CONFIRMED)

Well, as you all know (and indeed you think you have known all along) 90 minutes of David's performance from September last year is to be broadcast this Saturday the 8th from midnight on the German satellite channel, Sat 1.

In my own defence, I have to say the date hopped around like a one legged man on a hot plate.

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David Answers More Probing Enquiries

on February 02, 2003

I'll say "Don't ask me... "

Hot on the heels of his answer to BowieNetter Zarg's SRV question last week, David has now answered questions from Irulan74 and Mego... and I understand there may be a few more to follow over the coming weeks.

So if you fancy a personal reply from David Bowie to that question that's been nagging you for the last twenty five years, then click on the image above to take you to the forum where you just might one day get an answer.

We're not promising that every question will get a reply, but one thing's for certain, if you don't ask...etc.

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Extra Bowienet Tibet Tickets Allocation

on February 02, 2003

You want more and you want 'em fast...

We posted this item on Saturday, but as so many of you were out gallivanting, or sitting in snow on a motorway somewhere, or just being plain lazy and sleeping for the day, we thought we'd post it again.

One thing we forgot to mention on Saturday is that the sale for these tickets closes on Friday. Anyway, here it is again:

BowieNet has been given a second and final allocation of tickets for the Tibet House Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall on Friday, February 28th. This is in addition to the tickets that went on sale a couple of weeks back. (01/08/03

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Blammo Pic Of Mark, Lard And Db In The Independent

on February 02, 2003

The headmaster confiscates a Viz annual from the very naughty
Mark Radcliffe and Marc 'Lard' Riley. Picture by Total Blam Blam.

Strangers when we meet...

This morning's Independent On Sunday's Sunday Review magazine has a piece about Radio 1 DJs Mark and Lard, in a regular feature called How We Met. The two-page item does what it says on the tin, and it's quite a touching look back over the careers of the nation's very favourite radio duo, since they first met as part of the same river-widening work party 38 years ago!

Here's a paragraph from Lard's recollections:

Soon, rather than doing a