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Gad Live Broadcast On Saturday And More

on March 21, 2003

The lady from another grinning soul...

Loads of GAD stuff for you all... Particularly the NY BowieNetters among you. First up, Gail has sent in a message about a live broadcast of a Joni Mitchell Tribute concert tomorrow (Saturday), that she will be performing a couple of songs at. Here's a bit directly from the lovely lady herself:

Hello New Yorkers!

For those of you who might have the luxury of listening to the radio this Saturday the 22nd from 1:30 PM to about 2:15, please tune in to hear me on WFUV 90.7 FM, at The Wall-To-Wall Joni Mitchell Tribute Marathon broadcast LIVE from The

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Bowienet/ebay Auctions - 2001 Revisited

on March 21, 2003

Imagine being able to wear this clobber to a show on Bowie's tour later this year.
The threat of a devastating upper cut will guarantee you your place at the front,
while you look cool in an Agnes B zipper shirt, worn and signed by DB himself!

So you train by shadow boxing...

If the shirt and gloves above look familiar to you, that's because you've seen them before. The items were first sold off in a BowieNet/ebaY auction last year. (02/04/02 NEWS: FOURTH BOWIENET/EBAY AUCTION & 03/11/02 NEWS: EXTRA SPECIAL ITEM IN 9TH BOWIENET AUCTION) But, unfortunately for the original bidder he could do

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Latest Db Songs On Nme's 'burn It'

on March 20, 2003

No-one can burn like me...

Hot Hot Heat are the latest band to feature a David Bowie song on their ultimate compilation CD for this week's NME Burn It feature.

Steve Bays chooses Five Years.

One or two songs on a mix tape have to be anthemic. It's like the theme from a great coming of age movie. The arrangements are epic and a bit different to most pop songs.

Last week's Burn It, from 'punk-pop's blonde bombshell' Harry also included one of David's songs. This time it was Cracked Actor.

I love the lyrics - "Crack baby crack... smack baby smack... suck baby suck'. I love that Bowie

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Changes Afoot On The Bbc Tonight

on March 18, 2003

The very first RCA music press advertisement for a Bowie single. This particular one
appeared in Melody Maker in January 1972, and RCA generously shared the ad for
Changes with an ad for the theme from the hit TV Series A Family At War! However,
despite RCA splashing out, and Tony Blackburn making the record 'Single Of The Week'
on Radio1 (a big deal back then) the song failed to chart. The next 45 was a different story.

Changes are taking the pace I'm going thru...

Tonight's TOTP2 on the BBC here in the UK (BBC2 6.20pm) is showing an archive performance of David Bowie's song Changes. On