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Db Covers Sss On Nks Dvd

on August 23, 2003

Shoot it up, shoot it up, shoot it up...

I doubt that headline and lyric quote mean anything to many of you, but the details for the next David Bowie single release, New Killer Star, have been made available exclusively to BowieNet, and all will now become apparent.

The press release for the single won't be released to the media until Monday/Tuesday, but here it follows in its entirety, along with a couple of quotes from the writer of one of David's most intriguing and unexpected cover versions to date:

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September 8th Give-away Part Two

on August 22, 2003

(And I say to myself) Oh, I don't stand a chance...

This is the give-away for the second batch of fifty places for what is pretty much a BowieNet show (seeing as the great majority of those attending will be BowieNetters) on September 8th at the Riverside Studio in Hammersmith.

I'm sure you all know how this works, if not, go check out the rules I posted on Thursday. (08/21/03 NEWS: SEPTEMBER 8TH GIVE-AWAY STARTS NOW)

Most of you seemed to have grasped the simplicity of this give-away, but an astonishing number of people are sending blank e-mails with none of the information we requested.

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September 8th Give-away One Winners

on August 21, 2003

I'm happy, hope you're happy too...

This is the first batch of fifty winners for our exclusive BowieNet give-aways for the September 8th show at the Riverside Studio in Hammersmith. See yesterday's news if this is the first you've heard of this give-away.

OK, straight on with the winner's user names, in alphabetical order, apart from the first two, whose names I'm sure you all recognise, and who have both been given an automatic place for obvious reasons. I'm sure anybody who understands how much they both do around here won't have a problem with that:


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See More Exclusive Reality Tour Rehearsal Footage

on August 21, 2003

I opened my eyes and I saw you...

Boy do we spoil you... We have another video-montage compiled from footage from the BowieNet rehearsal studio spy-on-the-wall. It's an even longer treat this time, and apart from some more jolly banter, there are snippets from three songs.

I've pasted anagrams of all three below, so you can either puzzle on those for a short while, or ignore my silliness and go straight to the action by clicking on the image above.

01 Evensong 5: ale hag 15
02 Mystery oboe sum
03 Grail chin

You still here? Go watch the vid, you silly thing!

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September 8th Give-away Starts Now

on August 21, 2003

Now that I've really got a chance...

OK, I'll keep this one as simple as possible, as I'm sure you're all far too anxious to put up with my usual waffle. This is the first of our exclusive BowieNet give-aways for the September 8th show at the Riverside Studio in Hammersmith that we told you about last week. (08/17/03 NEWS: HAMMERSMITH SHOW TICKET CONTEST NEXT WEEK)

Please read carefully before entering, as this give-away is not being done on a first-come-first-served basis. Don't panic, you do not stand a better chance of winning by being the fastest to send in an entry.