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Db Talks Of Fame And Art In New Journal

on March 09, 2003

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's bleedin' art innit?
What is it, and who dunnit? Click on it to find out.

Fame... What's your name?

In his latest offering, David explains how celebrity endorsed stuff ain't always what it seems, and he's written a bit about his continued passion for collecting art, and just what he does actually own.

Click on the beautifully bizarre creation above to read the very latest BowieNet exclusive. While we're on the subject of art...

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Rupert Goldsworthy Show - Last Day Today

on March 09, 2003

A couple of the pieces you can expect to see today... if you're quick!

Here today, gone tomorrow...

A quick reminder for those art lovers among you in New York today... This is the last day of the Rupert Goldsworthy curated exhibition that we told you about last month. (02/24/03 NEWS: RUPERT GOLDSWORTHY CURATES NEW SHOW IN NY) Rupert originally curated the very successful "Bowie" show in 1999, that David actually bought a couple of pieces from.

This latest group show is presenting new work by Christopher Brooks, Rupert Goldsworthy, Nate Lowman and Chris Murtha, and it is at the Marcus Ritter

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Scientists Find Hard Evidence Of Ziggy's Stardust

on March 08, 2003

"A speck of stardust just settled in my eye..." A bit of yer actual real
Stardust, yesterday. Not quite as glamorous as one would have hoped.

The stardust trail leading back to you...

A recent article, published in the journal Science, about the existence of stardust in Earth's upper atmosphere, has been picked up by the world's press. Here's an edited extract from one of the reports printed in last Friday's Times:

THE magic ingredient which helped make Hoagy Carmichael?s song Stardust so popular, gave David Bowie his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust and inspired Woody Allen?s film Stardust