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Dutch Bowie Exhibition - More Pieces Online Now

on February 10, 2003

"...and now he is a puppet dancer..."
Detail from 'Labyrinth' by Hans Kievit..

In the port of Amsterdam, You can see Sailor dance...

Bert Dijkstra, has informed me that there are more contributions up online for the Up The Hill Backwards: The Golden Years of David Bowie exhibition that we told you about last month. (01/25/03 NEWS: SHOP AROUND FOR BOWIE PAINTINGS IN AMSTERDAM) Click on the image above to take you to an online version of the gallery, where you can find all of the contributions thus far presented.

Starting on February 16th at the Stip gallery in Amsterdam, the exhibition runs

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Bowienet News Archive For January Is Up

on February 08, 2003

Time flies when you're having fun...

Susans has posted the BowieNet news archive for January. Click on the image above to take you there. While you're about it you can check out the first four months of 2000 by going here. Blimey, who was it who said: "My, my, the time do fly"?

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D&d On Xfm Tomorrow, Plus Bowienet Discount On 22nd

on February 08, 2003

Like a mirror, Sunday morning...

BowieNetter Mike Leigh has written to inform me that Des de Moor and Russell Churney will perform a couple of songs from Darkness and Disgrace on Adam Longworth's XFM show around 9:00am tomorrow morning. They are scheduled to play The Man Who Sold The World and The Bewlay Brothers, and you can listen live online by going here.

If you've missed the broadcast by the time you read this, then check out a couple of audience reactions from the current run of Darkness and Disgrace, to see why you really should attend.

I'm going along tomorrow, as are a couple of

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Reminder - Two Hours To Berlin Broadcast

on February 08, 2003

If I did casually mention tonight...

I'm sure none of those that can watch it have forgotten the Sat 1 broadcast of David's 22nd September 2002 performance at the Max Schemling Halle in Berlin in a couple of hours. But here's a reminder just in case.

If the preview tape I have is at all accurate then the broadcast, that commences at midnight (CET), consists of the following tracks:

01 Cactus
02 Slip Away
03 I'm Afraid of Americans
04 5.15 The Angels Have Gone
05 I've Been Waiting For You
06 "Heroes"
07 Heathen
08 Rebel Rebel
09 Survive
10 Alabama Song
11 Afraid
12 Everyone Says 'Hi'
13 Hallo Spaceboy


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Fun In Chinatown, Plus Tibet Plans In Latest Journal

on February 07, 2003

"Shakey threw a party that lasted all night..." David Bowie and Ray Davies backstage
at last years Tibet concert. Picture taken with a particularly slow shutter speed by TV.

I'm just the slave of a burning Ray...

It seems this journal writing malarkey is becoming a bit of a habit for DB. In today's instalment you can read about David's Kinky plans for The Tibet Show, and his fun with Lexi at last Sunday's Chinese New Year parade.

Click on the image above if you fancy it.