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on March 11, 2004
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Osaka Set List And Pix From Celine

on March 10, 2004

Shinbun wa kaki tateru...

DB's final Japanese show, (for the time being at least) at the Castle Hall in Osaka has ended, and BowieNetter Celine was there yet again to get the set list and a couple of great shots for us.

According to Celine, among the highlights this evening was a Stylophone freak out which the band joined in with to a marvellously cacophonic effect... and that DB enjoyed so much, they performed it again!

There was also lots of amusing interaction from David as ever, but I can't help thinking lines like: "Earl Slick spends a lot of time in Japan as he works in a Japanese

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Tokyo#2 Set List

on March 09, 2004

Shiruetto ya kage ga kakumei o miteiru...

David's second show at the Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo has just ended, and according to BowieNetter Celine, it was an altogether different experience to last night's show. Her online communication with me just now was sprinkled with superlatives such as "mind-blowing" and "amazing".

When I asked her (already half knowing the answer) why it was so different from the previous evening, she responded with one word: "The crowd!"...two words actually, but the same old story: Good Crowd = DB make good show!

David was in particularly fine voice and in top