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Five Ultra-rare Signed Tour Prints To Be Won

on September 06, 2004

You never know you might find it here...

I noticed a recent debate on the MBs regarding the origin of the picture that Rex Ray used in the design above. As you may or may not know, it's a picture that I took and I certainly made no secret of at the time.

Rexy used the image to advertise three shows back in January and I managed to get a handful of these beauties signed by both Rex Ray and David Bowie himself.

Being the photographer, (and much to my embarrassment) I was persuaded to stick my moniker on the things too.

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Sony Reissue Winners

on September 06, 2004

You win...

This was a pretty easy one wasn't it? A lot of BowieNetters entered and not many gave wrong answers. So, first up, here are those answers:

Q1. David himself created the painting that appears on the cover of 1. Outside. What is the name of that painting?

A1 Head of DB and The Dhead - Outside were both acceptable answers for this one. Even Head oof DB was allowed. (That last one will make perfect sense to a few of you!)

Q2. A track was released ahead of Earthling that hinted at the new direction.