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Sony Reissue Cd Winners

on September 28, 2003

My patience never tried, I got seven changes to spot this time, Or seven ways to die...

Pretty straightforward this one... and very popular too. It seems you really do like this kind of contest.

I asked you to point out the seven differences between the two versions of 'hours...' that I posted. But, don't worry if you only provided six, as I did change it from six to seven differences, which the great majority of you didn't notice anyway.

I think the easiest way to illustrate the seven differences is pictorially, which the image below does nicely... for which, many thanx to Ken Sweden.

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Message To Uk/boston Ticket Holders From Bill Z

on September 27, 2003

Message for all U.K. ticket holders from Bill Z.I wanted to update everyone on how we are progressing on improving the seats which were sold for shows in Birmingham, Manchester and London.As these shows are sold out, we have only a few options to correct the ticketing mistakes that were made. The first is to trade out every ticket that was held for production once we determine that these will not be obstructed. The second is to find places on the floor to legally add seats.

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on September 26, 2003

All the pages that have turned...

Pick up the current issue of Hello magazine, cover date Sept 30th, for interviews and photographs of both Iman and David. Within the ten page spread, both talk at length about family life, marriage and parenthood. Here are a couple of extracts:

Q: Do you like to entertain a lot?

Iman: About once a month, we'll have twenty people over. We usually do a screening after dinner. It's always something unusual, like a silly documentary from the BBC that is just a hoot. It's the only way to have a good conversation and mix it up and be easy.

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More Reality Chart Places - Plus New Competition

on September 26, 2003

And I'm busting up my brains for the words...

Here's the latest round-up of first week chart positions for Reality. Apart from a baker's dozen of Top Ten placings, the album has now entered the Billboard Top Thirty in the US.

Reality also went straight in at number one in the Billboard European Top 100 Albums chart!

Here's the latest breakdown in order of chart positions:

Denmark #1
France #2
Norway #2
Germany #3
UK #3
Austria #3
Italy #4
Israel #5
Sweden #5
Switzerland #5
Ireland #6
(With the Best Of Bowie at #10 in the same chart!)
Iceland #7
Finland #9
Canada #12
Australia #13
Holland #15
New Zealand