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on February 27, 2004
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Melbourne #2 Set List, Report And Pictures

on February 26, 2004

I'm raving mad and somewhat slightly dazed...

The second David Bowie show at the Rod Laver Arena has recently come to a triumphant close, and, as ever, Charly has kindly taken the time to make sure you lot are the first to see the set list. She also wrote a report entitled: Fifteen Marsupials and a Sheep Dog, but sadly it seems to be lost in the ether for now.

Apparently the title is a reflection of the general kookiness of David's behaviour during this show.

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Melbourne Set List And Gerry's Birthday?

on February 25, 2004

Strange, mad celebration...

David Bowie has just stepped off the stage at the Rod Laver Arena, and, as ever, the very lovely Charly has come through with the goods. Apparently David was back in the familiar stage outfit that he's been wearing throughout A reality Tour. It seems the Zoot may have been a one off.

During the band introduction after Heathen David, accompanied by the band, sang Happy Birthday to Gerry. I have to hold up my hands and admit I'm not sure if it is actually Gerry's birthday, (can't find anything online) or whether this was just some kind of private joke?

In the event