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Bowie Southside Show Cancelled

on June 26, 2004

We are sad to report that under doctor's orders David Bowie will not be performing at tonight's Southside Festival in Germany. This is due to the same complaint, a trapped nerve, that resulted in the early finish of Wednesday's Prague show.

The condition is causing David severe discomfort, and while we are sorry for any inconvenience this decision may have caused any of you, I'm sure you will want to join us in wishing him the speediest of recoveries.

We will let you have news of any further developments as we get them.

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Spot Blammo And Claim A Promo Rngo Badge

on June 25, 2004

If there's nothing to hide me...

In the spirit of Lobby Lud, (look him up on the world wide web) I will be giving away a very scarce and highly-collectable promo RNGO badge free to those of you that challenge me at forthcoming European shows with the line: "You are Total Blam Blam and I claim my Rebel Never Gets Old promo badge."

I don't have a silhouette to provide you with clues to my identity, but I'm a fat bloke in black with a goatee beard and a camera.

Just one important rule: You must not challenge me while I'm taking pictures at the front of the stage, or indulge in any other

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Last Night In Prague

on June 24, 2004

As you've all read in various places, or in some cases witnessed first hand, David Bowie finished his show in Prague last night slightly ahead of schedule. This was due to a trapped/pinched nerve in his shoulder.

Here's the officially confirmed setlist courtesy of HNB:

Prague June 23rd 2004

01 Life On Mars?
02 Rebel Rebel
03 Fame
04 Battle For Britain (The Letter)
05 Cactus
06 The Motel
07 New Killer Star
08 All The Young Dudes
09 Reality
(David leaves the stage while the band carry on without him)
10 A New Career In A New Town
11 Be My Wife
(Sung by Catherine Russell)
(David returns)
12 China Girl