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Last Night's Set List From Stuttgart

on October 26, 2003

A shot of the intro animation from last night's show. Actually it's from Paris, but who could ever tell?

She couldn't sail but she sure could sing...

David Bowie's A Reality Tour reached Stuttgart's Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle in Germany last night. The main set was almost identical to the previous show in Zurich, but with the addition of She'll Drive The Big Car, which, by all accounts had a new acoustic intro. Slip Away was omitted from the encore.

David was in fine voice and typically playful mood, announcing that he only intended to play a fifteen-minute set, and then counting down to

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Exclusive Ant And Jake Scandinavian Footage

on October 25, 2003

No, it's not a scene from John Woo's Hard Boiled, it's the Bowie band going to da show!

Watch that man! Oh honey, watch that man

We promised you more yesterday, and so, here's the second instalment from Ant and Jake, a short film enigmatically entitled Bowie in Scandinavia. Select the link of your choice from those below:

Bowie in Scandinavia
REAL: [ LOW ] [ MED ] [ HI ]
WINDOWS: [ LOW ] [ MED ] [ HI ]

We'll be posting more of these gems in the very near future.

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Last Chance To Win Never Get Old 2-track Promo

on October 25, 2003

He looks me in the eye and he says he?s got his mind on a countdown 3-2-1...

It seems that part two of this competition threw many of you, as I only received around a third of the entries for part two than I did for part one. With the news that there will not be an actual CD single for the UK now, (see story below) I guess this promo will become all the more collectable... so I'll probably get more entries for this final part of the competition.

Of course, you're only in with a chance of winning if you answer all three parts correctly.

Firstly, if this is the first time you've noticed this

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Reality Tour Edition Bonus Disc And Us 5:1 Hybrid Disc

on October 25, 2003

Welcome to Reality... (again)

There are lots of Reality-related releases on the horizon, all high-lighted in this handy cut-out-and-keep guide.

Extra bonus for Tour Edition of Reality

David Bowie's rendition of the Kinks' Waterloo Sunset has now been added to the Reality Tour Edition as a bonus track on disc one. The Tour Edition is the version with the Bonus DVD of the live performance of Reality that we told you about a couple of weeks back. (10/14/03 NEWS: SPECIAL DVD EDITION OF REALITY DUE NEXT MONTH) This release will be released in Europe on November 17th.

Online download and German 3"

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Exclusive Harald Schmidt Backstage Footage

on October 25, 2003

"Hi Harald... I saw all of your films as a boy: Land Of The Giants, all that stuff."

Secret secrets never seen

While we're waiting for the completion of the Virtual Reality Ticket doo dah thing we told you about recently, we thought you might enjoy a couple of little films made by our on-the-road video diarists, Ant and Jake. You may have seen the boys darting around at some of the recent shows, armed with cameras, questions and two pairs of good eyes.

Anyway, Ant and Jake have made a magnificent job of capturing a few of the more candid moments you wouldn't normally be privy to... you know