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See Kristeen Young In Ny Tomorrow And Next Week

on February 28, 2003

Official Kristeen Young press shot by Tony Visconti.

Now I won't see her till tomorrow...

I know a number of you that are travelling to New York for tonight's Tibet House show are planning to make a weekend of it. Well, If you haven't already filled tomorrow night's window, you could do no better than spend it with Kristeen Young... erm, perhaps I should rephrase that.

The happily weak-wristed Tony Visconti (who took the pic of Kristeen I have used here) has sent in the following information about tomorrow night, and another gig on Tuesday, both of which are in NYC:

Saturday, March 1st, @ 11

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Db Sees The Future In New Journal

on February 27, 2003

David Bowie, getting on a bit...courtesy of a
bit of Dick Smith's make-up for The Hunger.

And there was a little old man...

Today, David Bowie hints at the schedule for the 2003 tour, and he tells us what the likelihood is of this being his very last tour. He also looks beyond this tour and how he imagines his career may progress as he gets older... and older.

Click on the above image to take you to yet another excellent BowieNet exclusive.

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More Tibet Stuff In New Tv Out Of Practice?

on February 26, 2003

A beaming Tony Visconti showing a discernible reduction
in muscle mass just the other day. Photo by Ebet Roberts.

I've got a girl out there...

In his latest journal, David gives further clues to the songs he may perform at the Tibet show on Friday...with the help of Mr Gerry 'Spooky' Leonard. And, he also has a very interesting theory as to why Tony Visconti's bowing action isn't all it could be.

Click on Tony's wrist to take you to David's very latest journal. };-)

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

on February 25, 2003

Lou Reed and David Bowie onstage together at MSG five years ago.
Just two of the artists due to perform at the Tibet show this Friday.

Friday On My Mind...

I recently probed DB about the kind of set he may be playing on Friday at the Tibet House Benefit Concert. All he would give away was this:

We'll most likely do one new and one older song, that's apart from the duet with Ray.

I can say that the song I heard rumoured by fans at the Darkness and Disgrace show at the weekend, is not one of the selections.

Speaking of giving things away, BowieNet has organised a little pre-Tibet show party.