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Scottish Bowie Date... Will He, Won't He?

on June 27, 2003

Bonnie Prince Bowie via the exceptional
PhotoShop skills of BowieNetter Zardoz.

There Is A Happy Land...

BowieNetters north of the border in the UK, will be heartened to learn that David has posted a very short message on the BowieNet MBs, with a heading of: Who loves Ye? ...and it goes something like this:

Looks like Scotland's on folks

Watch that space.


Well, I can confirm that there will be a Bowie show in Scotland, and as soon as we have more, you'll be the first to know. As ever, BowieNetters should keep an eye on these very pages, the MBs, and the A Reality Tour Tickets Page for

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Heroes Remix Out Next Week, Win A Copy Now

on June 26, 2003

We can be us, just for one day...

After a couple of false starts, the David Guetta vs Bowie remix, Just For One Day (Heroes), that we first told you about a couple of months back, is finally released on Monday.

The recording has been circulating as a bootleg for some time now, and after it became a dancefloor favourite, and after DB had given it the thumbs up, Virgin decided to give it a full legitimate release.

The track received 'single of the month' in last month's issue of the painfully hip Dazed & Confused magazine, and NME said this of it:

Bowie's "Heroes" is looped to infinity over a

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Re-recorded Rebel Rebel Out Now

on June 25, 2003

You're a juvenile success...

The soundtrack CD for the new Charlie's Angels film, Full Throttle, that we've already mentioned several times, (the last time being: 05/28/03 NEWS: RE-RECORDED REBEL REBEL RELEASE DATE) was released on Monday here in the UK, and yesterday in the US.

It seems by some of the correspondence on the MBs that many of you are enjoying this re-recording of David Bowie's Rebel Rebel, from the soundtrack, just as much as I am. In fact, in a straw poll* I conducted this morning, 100 per cent of those asked thought that not only is the soundtrack worth buying for Rebel

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Post 4750

on June 24, 2003
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Btwn Limited Edition 3 Disc Set Release Delayed In Us

on June 24, 2003

Putting on the black tie, cranking out the white noise...

I think most of you noticed the press release we posted last week regarding the forthcoming Black Tie White Noise limited edition three disc set. But in case you missed it among the current ticket madness, you can reach the press release by clicking on the image of the new slip cover above.

There is one change to the original schedule though. The US release of the album has been pushed back to January/February 2004, although it should still be available elsewhere on the original August 4th release date. This move, along with the