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David Records Two Songs For Rove Live

on February 24, 2004

David 'The Zoot' Bowie in Adelaide on Monday.

Sell me a coat with buttons of silver...

A handful of lucky BowieNetters managed to snaffle a few last-minute places at the taping of Australian TV's Rove Live in Melbourne today. David and the band played a couple of numbers, The Man Who Sold The World and New Killer Star and took part in what sounds like a typically hilarious interview with host Rove Macmanus.

One of those fans present, maeko.qinza, kindly sent in the following report, which I've illustrated with a couple of excellent shots taken by the ever-enigmatic Erik, at the Adelaide show

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Bowie: Over Nine Million Uk Single Sales

on February 23, 2004

L to R: Lulu, Cilla Black, Cliff Richard and David Bowie at the Valentine Awards, 1970.
Lulu: "Cilla, I wouldn't mind a session with that David Bowie... wonderful thighs!"
Cilla: "You do mean a recording session, Lulu? I'll try and set something up for 1974."
Cliff: "Hey, new boy, let's see who can sell the most singles over the next 34 years."
David: "No thanks Cliff. You've got God on your side... that's an unfair advantage!"

Every single move's uncertain...

The Ultimate Pop Star, a three and a half hour TV programme on Channel 4 last night, made for interesting viewing. Paul Whitehouse and