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Uk Ticket Resolution From Bill Z

on October 11, 2003

We?ve now had a chance to evaluate every alternative and have come to a conclusion as to what we are going to do. Before I go into detail, I want to thank everyone again for their patience during what has been nothing less than a painful process. As usual, we won?t be able to make everyone happy, but I believe we are offering the best and fairest alternative available to the members.As many of you know, production rehearsals and opening night were very important in determining the quality of seats on the side of the stage.

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New York Special In Tomorrow's S:2 Mag

on October 11, 2003

New York's In Love...

Those of you in the UK that missed the Bowie special in New York magazine that we told you about last month (09/23/03 NEWS: DAVID WRITES FOR NEW YORK MAGAZINE) can catch up with the same feature in tomorrow's large format Sunday Express magazine, S:2.

Apart from the front cover (above) the three-page feature inside has archive pictures not used in the original New York magazine piece, including a double page spread shot of David on the deck of the QE2 from last year with the Manhattan skyline in the background.

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Nks Dvd Single Winners

on October 11, 2003

All my idiot questions...

I set this contest a couple of weeks back (09/29/03 NEWS: NKS DVD SINGLE OUT TODAY... WIN A COPY HERE) to win copies of the UK New Killer Star DVD single. Please excuse my tardiness in announcing the winners, but there was a delay in getting these prizes, and I wanted to be sure we had them before I announced the ten BowieNetters who have won a copy.

The good news is that a dozen copies actually turned up today, and the twelve BowieNetters below, who all correctly stated that Sigue Sigue Sputnik's Tony James first caught Ziggy live at the Polytechnic of Central

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Tonight's Helsinki Set List

on October 09, 2003

David Bowie at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland, earlier this evening.

Paris or maybe Helsinki...

There were more changes for tonight's Helsinki show including a few surprises. Here's the full run-down:

Helsinki October 10th 2003

01 New Killer Star
02 Modern Love
03 Fame
04 Afraid
05 Cactus
06 China Girl
07 Hallo Spaceboy
08 Sunday
09 Under Pressure
10 Pablo Picasso
11 White Light, White Heat
12 Ashes To Ashes
13 Never Get Old
14 The Motel
15 Fantastic Voyage
16 Loving The Alien
17 Looking For Water
18 I'm Afraid Of Americans
19 "Heroes"
20 Heathen (The Rays)

21 Bring Me The Disco King
22 Slip

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Exclusive Five-song Bowie Session On Aol

on October 09, 2003

We've got five songs, what a surprise...

Those AOL Broadband members among you that can't make tonight's show in Helsinki, can numb the pain a little by watching a five-song set recorded on September 23rd exclusively for Sessions@AOL Full Set.

David and the band perform New Killer Star, I'm Afraid Of Americans, Rebel Rebel, a lovely acoustic version of Fall Dog Bombs The Moon and Days. However, the session is not the easiest thing to find. Obviously you have to be an AOL Broadband member, log in to AOL and search AOL Music for Bowie, then click on AOL Music: Broadband Rocks.

Here's a bit