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on August 31, 2004
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The Immortal - Rare Covers Update

on August 29, 2004

Looking For Walter...

As promised in my original piece, (08/07/04 NEWS: MORE BOWIE DOG SESSION PLUS THE IMMORTAL REVEALED) above are a couple of covers of The Immortal that I've dusted off for your viewing pleasure.

On the left is the Warhol-illustrated UK paperback and on the right, in it's full colour glory, is the original UK first edition hardback, as pictured at the feet of DB in aforementioned Terry O'Neil photo shoot.

Where else will you find such trainspottery detail? I need to get out more!

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Five Sets Of Sony Reissues To Be Won

on August 27, 2004

I'll say "Don't ask me..."

Even though they're not due in the shops for another month (September 27th) those generous sorts at Sony have given us five sets of the beauties above for a competition here on BowieNet.

And I have to say I think these are pretty cool items... well, I don't have to say it, I truly believe it. The double discs each come presented as beautifully-made glossy hardback edition books and really are quite special... and that's before we even mention the music!

You may remember from my last news piece regarding these releases, (06.22.04 NEWS: LIMITED EDITION SONY DBL DISCS