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Ottawa Set List, Pictures And Report

on April 04, 2004

Oh we can't dance, we don't talk much*, we just ball and play...

David Bowie's A Reality Tour reached the Corel Center in Ottawa in Canada on Friday, and by all accounts it was a cracking show. Here are some interesting observations kindly supplied by BowieNetter Mark Rabinowitz, aka Withnail:

I'm not sure I can put into words what David did in Ottawa. It was simply the best show of the tour that I have seen. Granted I have only seen seven shows to date, but since one of them was Dublin night 2 (generally considered the first or second best on the tour) I feel like I can speak up.

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Toronto Set List, Pictures And Reviews

on April 02, 2004

Something In The Air Canada Centre...

David Bowie's A Reality Tour stopped of at the The Air Canada Centre in Toronto last night. Both Modern Love and Starman got another dusting off after having been absent from the set for a while... Sorry for the delay in posting, but I've been waiting for some pictures... which hadn't been forthcoming.

However, BowieNetters Mr and Mrs Crosby have kindly come to my rescue by sending in a few words and pictures for your pleasure. Here are a few recollections from Lindsay, with a few of LaLaLinda's excellent pictures:

Well what does one say when they have