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Whistle In Luxembourg And Amsterdam

on April 03, 2003

Something in our skies...

Back in June of last year, I had the privilege and good fortune to be invited to the premier of Duncan Z H Jones' short film, Whistle. I was enjoying a chat with Duncan before the intimate screening in London's West End, when we were joined by his father, fresh from a journey up from Portsmouth and in town for some TV stuff and a show...or something or other he was doing.

Time passed too quickly and we were ushered into the cinema for a brief pre-screening introduction by Duncan.

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New Journal Entry From Db

on April 02, 2003

Anxiety descending...

After a three week silence, David Bowie is back with a new journal entry, and, apart from the clues above, I'm giving nothing away about it.

If you're a fully-fledged BowieNet member, click on the power button on the TV above to take you to the very latest BowieNet exclusive.

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No Bowie Tribute To Anthony Newley After All

on April 02, 2003

Say after me, I'm a fool, I'm a fool...

OK, OK... I guess it was all perfectly feasible. It could have happened. But I really thought I gave enough clues. It was April 1st, the lyric quote was: And I say to myself you're a fool, fool, fool... The song title was What Kind Of Fool Am I? I thought I was making it all a bit obvious.

It seems a few of you on the MBs did rumble me, but I still received over 300 e-mail requests for the 30-second snippet Mp3... All with a subject line of What Kind Of Fool Am I? I resisted the temptation to reply "An April one!".

Sorry to those of you that did fall

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April Edition Of The Voyeur Out Now

on April 01, 2003

Me, I'm fresh on your pages...

Peter Smit has written to tell me about the April 2003 edition of The Voyeur... take it away, Peter:

The International David Bowie fanclub 'The Voyeur' has created yet another beautiful fanclub magazine. The April issue of 'The Voyeur' contains reviews from the Tibet House Benefit concert, an Aladdin Sane 30th birthday special, beautiful photographs by Antoine Loogman and much, much more. In this issue:

Watch out for "The Voyeur"
Welcome to "The Voyeur"
DVD 15 (the latest dvd's reviewed)
Half awesome (Tibet House Benefit review by Antoine Loogman)
Easter eggs