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Important Message For Uk Bowienet Subscribers

on June 12, 2003

Torn apart in the UK...

That select band of stragglers known as UK BowieNetters, should have received an e-mail informing them of the end of the relationship between and Global Internet, which actually came about a couple of years ago. Subscribers to have enjoyed a bundled package of their ISP and BowieNet together through Global Internet. But as of today this service is no longer available.

You'll know if you are a subscriber to by your e-mail address. For example if my address was then I'd know I'm a UK

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Tv Captures Secret Pictures Of Db In Disguise

on June 11, 2003

"Oh my god... They killed Kenny!" - DB is in there
somewhere, honest guv. Picture by Tony Visconti.

Is it all just human disguise?

Tony Visconti has kindly sent in some candid shots that he craftily took via a one-way mirror in his recording studio. The shots are of DB in some new disguises that he was trying out before leaving for home, after a hard day singing and guitaring and stuff.

We've used these shots without David's permission, and he's completely unaware that we've blown his cover.

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Grandaddy And Kristeen Young Rock London

on June 10, 2003

"Say hello to the boys and girls, Sooty!" - Jason does his nude puppet
show for the crowd at the Virgin MegaStore. Picture by Total Blam Blam.

Last night they loved you...

I know it's not strictly Bowie news, but I've had a few e-mails asking how things went last night... so I'm sure you'll allow me this small transgression.

Grandaddy played a short but intimate show to a very appreciative crowd at the Virgin MegaStore in Oxford Street to celebrate both the release of their new album, Sumday, and their first placing in the UK top 30 with the single, Now It's On. The band played a fine balance

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Meet Grandaddy In London In A Couple Of Hours

on June 09, 2003

"Hey ma, we're in the top 30!" Jason calls home, while Tim, Kevin,
Aaron, and Jim look on. Grandaddy at the BBC last week by Blammo.

It's happening now...

On your way to the Kristeen Young show in London tonight, why not stop off at the Virgin MegaStore in Oxford Street and check out Grandaddy. To celebrate their first Top Thirty entry, with the appropriately named Now It's On at number 23, the band are playing a short set and signing copies of their new album Sumday for those of you that can make it along, but try and get there well before 6:00pm London time for a chance of getting in.

DB is