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Reality Film At 2004 Woodstock Film Festival

on August 20, 2004

See the trees like silver candy...

The Steve Lippman directed Reality film, that we mentioned just the other day, (08/18/04 NEWS: REALITY DUAL DISC GETS NATION-WIDE RELEASE IN USA) has been accepted into the Woodstock Film Festival as part of Focus On Music.

We'll announce the dates and times the film will be shown closer to the start of the festival, which runs for five days from October 13th.

Festival-goers will be pleased to learn that they can own the film the following week themselves, if they purchase aforementioned Reality DualDisc of course.

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Reality Dualdisc Gets Nation-wide Release In Usa

on August 17, 2004

Double dealin', rockin', rollin' and a reelin'...

The Reality DualDisc we first told you about last year (10.26.2003 NEWS: REALITY TOUR EDITION BONUS DISC AND US 5:1 HYBRID DISC) will now receive a nation-wide release in the US on October 26th.

You may remember the release was originally limited to Seattle and Boston only, leaving collectors outside of those two states to search for over-priced copies on eBay. This move should see those prices plummet and make the disc more affordable to those outside of North America.

Those of you that already have this DualDisc will know that it contains

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The Great Bowienet Give-away Is On

on August 15, 2004

Got to keep searching and searching...

I'm back from two weeks of chillin' with the family (apart from a three-day glitch last weekend) and it's time to get this ball rolling again... or some other cliché to signal more action on these pages.

With all that time on my hands, I tried to devise a fair way of distributing some of the booty in the BowieNet Vaults. I think I came up with the solution.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the game show theory: Points Make Prizes. Well, I've stayed with that simple notion and I've devised an equally simple way of collecting those points.

Your aim is