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on April 30, 2003

She's hangin' on his arms like a cheap (boiler) suit...

Coming up soon, and very well worth checking out for those of you in the UK, is the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection Sale of the 21st Century at The Horse Hospital ? Colonnade ? Bloomsbury ? London WC1N 1HX (Located just 1 minute from Russell Square tube, on the Piccadilly line). The event takes place on Saturday May 10th and Sunday May 11th. On display, among many other items of clothing with a pop-culture background, will be the day-glo orange boiler suit which David wore in the Blue Jean video.

Enquiries reveal the boiler suit is

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David And Iman Attend Goddess Gala In New York

on April 29, 2003

"Let your hair hang down..." David and Iman at the Goddess Gala
in New York City on Monday evening. Pic courtesy

Didn't they teach you to get your hair cut at school?

Mr and Mrs Jones were but two of the names on a pretty impressive guestlist at the Costume Institute's Spring 2003 Exhibition and Gala, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday evening. The theme of the gala was Goddess, and the couple rose to the occasion with their usual style and aplomb.

However, when I asked David, (no stranger to hair controversy) about the interesting new Barnet that

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Bowienet/ebay Auction Of More Mick Rock/mtr Goodies

on April 28, 2003

The Jean Genie... let yourself go!

Two more Mick Rock items from the MTR Bowie exhibition are up for grabs. They're both connected and relate to the 1972 video shoot for The Jean Genie. You can reach each auction by clicking on the relevant image below.


Mick Rock's shot of Ziggy and The Spiders performing The Jean
Genie in San Francisco, October 1972. Approx. 23" X 17" in the frame.

The first item is this wonderful black and white print from a photograph taken by Mick

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Dutch War Child Cd Tracklisting

on April 27, 2003

Children round the world...

Well we did promise the tracklisting for Hoop, the Dutch version of the War Child CD as soon as we had it, (04/19/03 NEWS: FINAL TRACKLISTING FOR BOTH WAR CHILD CDS) and now we do. The good news for Bowie completists is that they won't need to shell out for another version, as David isn't actually on it.

I wouldn't normally have posted an item about a CD that didn't contain a Bowie track, but we did promise this tracklisting, and I thought it best to warn those of you that may have pre-ordered expecting Everyone Says 'Hi' to be on this version, as it was on the

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Rex Ray Donation For Alboreto's Great Wall Walk

on April 27, 2003

I'll give you eyes of blue...

BowieNetter Alboreto has received a typically generous donation from all round top bloke Rex Ray for his charity walk that we told you about a couple of weeks back. (04/13/03 NEWS: DB & TV BACK BOWIENETTER IN AMNESTY GREAT WALL WALK) This is hot on the heels of the unique signed photo that was donated by Tony Visconti and that sold for the bargain sum of £142 ($225).

The print was designed by Rex for David's September 1997 appearances at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, and not only does this look like it's Rex's own personal framed copy, (signed by DB