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More Praise For Ziggy Motion Picture Dvd

on May 17, 2003

Ziggy - "Streamlined to greasepaint-splattered weasel slickness"
and the object of "unrequited, loin-lubricated lust"... it says here.

Let's turn on with me and you're not alone...

The Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture DVD continues to garner great reviews since we posted a bunch of them a couple of months back. (03/22/03 NEWS: ZIGGY STARDUST MOTION PICTURE COMPETITION) Recent praise includes a four star review in the current June issue of Mojo, and a top of the list placing in the UNCUT (June issue also) recommended DVDs of the last three months.

But possibly one of the more enthusiastic pieces

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Bowienet/ebay Auction Of Final Mick Rock/mtr Prints

on May 15, 2003

There's a bar at the end where I can meet you and your friend...

These two items up for grabs today are the last of the Mick Rock prints from the MTR Bowie exhibition. These latest items will be posted live sometime later today and you can reach the BowieNet Auctions page by clicking on any of the images in this post.


Mick Rock's shot of Cyrinda Foxe and David Bowie as Ziggy in a
Beverly Hills bar, October 1972. Approx. 17" X 12.5" in the frame.

The first item is

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Kristeen Young Collectable And London Date

on May 14, 2003

In New York two years ago to this very day, Kristeen Young and
David Bowie at CBGB's, May 15th, 2001. Picture by Bob Gruen.

Replaced her uniform with dresses silk and green, Called herself Kristeen, Came to London town...*

We first mentioned Kristeen Young some time ago, (05/21/01 NEWS: BOWIE LENDS SUPPORT TO YOUNG) when we posted the picture above, which was taken exactly two years ago today at a KY show in New York. Kristeen's fan base has grown steadily since, and now she is scheduled, finally, to play a London date.

Kristeen will be playing at the Camden Underworld on Monday June 9th at

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Let?s Dance ? The Bolly Remixes

on May 14, 2003


EMI Records will be releasing some interesting Asian influenced remixes of a few classic Bowie songs. First up is Let?s Dance, which has been remixed by Shawn Letts, Ben Galvin, and Kelvin Singh at Schtung Music Singapore.

The remix features vocal performances Komal and Kumaresh Rajagopolan along with additional musicians from Southeast Asia.

Check back soon for updates, press releases and information, but in the meantime, click here for some info from MTV Asia.

** NOTE: if you receive a message that the site will be up 15/05/2003, it's because BowieNet has gotten the

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Bowie Bits On Latest Album Releases

on May 13, 2003

What you need you have to borrow...

A Bowie link unites the new and recent releases above, albeit rather tenuous in some instances. Here follows those links anyway, in no particular order...apart from left to right...


The Dandy Warhols have never made a secret of their love for all things Bowie, and there's not the room here to mention all of the Bowie links to the band. However, the new album, Welcome To The Monkey House, had more of a Bowie influence on it than