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Tokyo#1 Set List And Press Conference Snippet

on March 08, 2004

OK, Tokyo...

David Bowie's first Japanese show in eight years ended a few hours ago. He performed a 26-song set at the Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, and according to BowieNetter Celine, his opening greeting to the crowd directly after Rebel Rebel was a touching: "Tokyo mother-fuckers how are you?" Celine says it was a fine performance, that even some over-zealous security and an unusually polite audience didn't manage to taint too much for her.

Earlier in the day, David, (dressed casually in grey cargo trousers and a hooded sweat shirt) gave a press conference for the assembled media. Our

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Diamond Dogs Release Date And Digital Download

on March 06, 2004

If you want it, boys, get it here thing...

Nigel at EMI has just informed me that the Diamond Dogs (30th Anniversary Edition) that I told you about last month, (02.09.2004 NEWS: DIAMOND DOGS 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) is now scheduled for a June 7th release.

Around the same time, a download version of the release will be made available to purchase through OD2. An extra bonus track on disc 2 of the download version will be an mp3-friendly version of the Sweet Thing, Candidate, Sweet Thing (reprise) medley.

The track will be presented as one single track without the track marks that

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Important Virus Notification Please Read

on March 05, 2004

Greetings, Yesterday, we discovered that a potentially harmful virus is being spread via email spoof attacks through BowieNet servers. These emails appear to be from official BowieNet sources due to the "spoofing" of email addresses. In most cases, there is a password protected zip file attachment with a virus inside. Please do not open the attached zip file. Delete the email at once. This virus is a variant of W32.Beagle.J@mm which is not isolated to the BowieNet servers and is affecting domains across the Internet.