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Dominic Mohan Interview And More From David

on June 15, 2003

"She's shaky on her legs, that Riley of mine." DB and Rupert, before they fell out.

Who'll ride in my Rupert the Riley?

David's transatlantic telephone conversation with Dominic Mohan (that we told you about yesterday), went ahead as planned this afternoon. David was in top form, and the topics lurched from the weather, to the new album Reality... via Father's Day, the 2003/04 world tour, live music, and the day Rock 'n' Roll almost lost it's future as David was pinned against a car by a Gamecock! Here he explains:

It was an old racer from the... you know, I think it probably goes back to the

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David On Virgin Radio Tomorrow Lunchtime

on June 14, 2003

David during his last interview with Dominic Mohan, backstage
at Maida Vale, September 18th 2002. Picture by Dave Hogan.

And me, I'm on a radio show...

David is lined up for a transatlantic telephone conversation with Dominic Mohan tomorrow lunchtime. The interview will be the first with the assistant editor of The Sun since last September's spread in the popular tabloid. (09/25/02 NEWS: EXCLUSIVE DB INTERVIEW IN THE SUN TODAY)

The pair will be chatting sometime between midday and 2:00pm (UK time) on Virgin Radio here in the UK, but don't worry, you can hear the show online if you click on

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Bowienetters Do Tin Machine In London

on June 14, 2003

These boys are clearly close. (From left) Fonda Fonda (guitar), Jamie
Fonda (Vox, guitar), S.S. Fonda (Vox, bass) and Fonzie Fonda (Drums).

Always gonna love this song...

BowieNetter James Ewers (nephew of message board legend, Keiths) has sent me details of a couple of forthcoming shows he is playing with his band, The Fondas. The first of these shows will be this coming Monday, at which the band will perform their usual show closer, Tin Machine's Pretty Thing... and if the CD I've heard, and the live reports I've had, are anything to go by, The Fondas ROCK big time. Over to you James:


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Martha Mooke Launch Party In Ny On Monday

on June 14, 2003

Martha and DB at Carnegie Hall 2001. Pic by Tony Visconti.

Look at Martha rave...

After the, erm... excitement of yesterday (Did somebody say it was Friday the 13th?) I thought it only fair to re-post this story, in case it got overlooked by some of you...


Martha Mooke has contacted me with news of an event that takes place in NY on Monday. She'll be holding a launch concert/party for the release of her new CD, Cafe Mars.

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Bowie To Begin World Tour In October

on June 13, 2003

"A Long Hiatus"? Erm... I think not. DB makes the cover of next week's Billboard.

Cover me, cover me...

Well, it seems the exclusive we were hoping to bring you on Monday, (see story beneath this one) has been compromised in part with the early publication of this piece on, (story only available to subscribers) which is also due to appear as a cover story in next week's Billboard.

Oh well, it's done now, and you lucky BowieNetters are getting a heads up a few days early... But, be sure to tune in on Monday anyway, because this information isn't all we'll be announcing.