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Sony Reissues: The Facts

on April 25, 2003

Spreading rumours and lies and stories they made up...Part 182

Well, we've said it before: "If you didn't read it on BowieNet, it's not necessarily true." ...and this is certainly the case with the Sony reissues schedule for three of David's more recent albums: 1.Outside, Earthling and 'hours...'. I Don't normally like to post news stories that aren't 100% confirmed, but the fuss surrounding a fabricated release date and the tracklisting for bonus CDs for these three has demanded some kind of news for you. This is how the situation stands at the moment, but even this is subject to change.


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Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary, Iman And David!

on April 23, 2003

Show your love, show your sweet, sweet love...

Today is the eleventh anniversary of Iman and David's wedding in Lausanne, Switzerland. Looking back over photographs of them together in the last twelve months, the ones from the Serpentine Gallery party last July (07/10/02 SNIPPET: DAVID AND IMAN MESSING ABOUT IN LONDON!) were pretty special, so we bring you one of them today. I know you'll all join me in wishing them the happiest of days together!

Check out the BowieNet Member's Message Boards for more greetings, and this great animation from the very talented Zardoz.


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Db Pays Tribute To A True Legend In Today's Journal

on April 23, 2003

You're spring to me, all things to me...

Today, David pays tribute to the lady in the picture above. Read about his first hand experience of the woman who inspired one of his most emotional recordings, the sublime Wild Is The Wind. Click on the image to take you to his latest journal.

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Egg Hunt In Nyc, And The Ems Returns In Latest Journal

on April 21, 2003

Let the children lose it...

In his latest journal, David gives advice on how to make an easter egg hunt last for as long as you want it to (providing the participants are under three years young), and he welcomes the return of an old friend in a briefcase that he first told you about in his journal last May.

Click on the rabbit's nose to reach the latest instalment.

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Bowie's Favourite Saatchi Piece Is A Pile Of Rubbish!

on April 19, 2003

Detail from "The Undesirables" 2000 - Trash, electric fan, 3 light projectors and
coloured gels, smoke machine. 200 x 600 x 500 cm. Image copyright the artists.

Silhouettes and shadows, watch the revolution...

As Bowieart told us a few days ago, this morning's Observer carries with it a guide to the new Saatchi Gallery which has relocated to County Hall on London's South Bank. The guide is full of fascinating facts and information, and it is littered (pun intended) throughout with the thoughts of various art world luminaries on their favourite piece of work in Saatchi?s collection.