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Last Night's Set List From Lyon

on November 16, 2003

"Down on my knees in France" - DB in Marseille on Friday.

I've been to Lyon...

David Bowie played the last show in mainland Europe of his A Reality Tour last night. The gig, in Lyon, featured an identical 23-song setlist to that of the previous night in Marseille, which, for those that can't remember went something like this:

Lyon November 15th 2003

01 Rebel Rebel
02 New Killer Star
03 Reality
04 Fame
05 Cactus
06 Afraid
07 China Girl
08 The Loneliest Guy
09 The Man Who Sold The World
10 Hallo Spaceboy
11 Sunday
12 Under Pressure
13 Life On Mars?
14 Ashes To Ashes
15 The Motel
16 Loving The

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Marseille Set List And Pix From Celine

on November 15, 2003

DB in Marseille last night by BowieNetter Celine Caux.

Marseille, hey that's really something...

Last night's performance by David Bowie, in the beautiful French city of Marseille, made it difficult to believe that only a few days previously he had been suffering from laryngitis. But, in typical Bowie style, rather than take it easy he chose to include Life On Mars? in the set for the first time... one of the most vocally challenging songs of his repertoire!

Apparently our man was on top form, and considering he had just gotten over laryngitis, he looked impossibly fit... as a butchers dog