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Win Never Get Old 2-track Promo - Part Two

on October 18, 2003

He looks me in the eye and he says he?s got his mind on a countdown 3-2-1...

Wow, this is a popular contest... I don't think I'll ever figure you lot out. So, on to part two. Firstly, if you didn't even know there was a part one yet, check out last Sunday's news. (10/12/03 NEWS: WIN NEVER GET OLD 2-TRACK PROMO CD SINGLE)

BowieNetter Thomass72 has come up with a nice Reality-related question for the second part of this contest. It may seem initially difficult, but I know the great majority of you will have no problem getting to the bottom of this one... so here goes:

There are two songs on

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Tonight In Frankfurt - With Susans And Mirearth

on October 17, 2003

David Bowie gets lost in a Frankfurt forest by Miriam Geelhoed.

Sunshine entered our Frankfurt day...

David Bowie and his band played a scorching, nay, high-octane (whatever that means) 26-song set in Frankfurt tonight. But seriously, it sounds like this was one of the stand-out shows of the tour so far, even if I did get my main confirmation of this fact from a gibbering BowieNetter who goes by the name of Susans.

You all know Susans for her hardcore worship of our man, and tonight her loyalty was rewarded with the dedication of Suffragette City to her and Gail Ann. Well done girl, you

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Us Reissue Programme Starts Next Week

on October 17, 2003

Virgin Records in the US have announced today that they will reissue a whole bunch of classic David Bowie releases between October 2003 and January 2004. All of these releases have already been outlined here on BowieNet, apart from a bonus DVD of rare and unreleased material which will be exclusive to a new edition of the Best of Bowie.

Here's the release schedule as it stands, with the bits in this colour from the press release:


October 21st, 2003 - Ziggy Stardust, Scary