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Mb's Will Be Unavailable During Today's Presales

on October 06, 2003

In order to optimize BowieNet's speed during ticket pre-sales today, the Messageboards will be unavailable.

The Boards will be re-activated once the initial pre-sale traffic has subsided.

Thank you,
The BowieNet staff

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Signed Reality Goodies Winners

on October 05, 2003

You fall for reality...

I'll make this one brief... lots to do before Tuesday's first show in Copenhagen. We set this one last week, (09/26/03 NEWS: MORE REALITY CHART PLACES - PLUS NEW COMPETITION) and going by the amount of entrants, I don't think many of you missed this one...exceptionally popular.

The three words you should have been left with were: Fall, For and Reality which all appear in the above lyric quote. And so, the answer to the problem is, (as the great majority of you correctly stated) That's Motivation. If none of this is making any sense to you, (Hallo Wind) you should go

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You've Found S+v Photocard Number 1

on October 03, 2003

Waiting for the gift of Sound + Vision

If you're looking for it, you'll be happy. If it makes no sense, then visit this news story: 12/27/03 NEWS: THE GREAT BOWIENET HOLIDAY GIVE-AWAY - PART 2