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2005 Official Signed Calendar Contest - Day 2

on September 22, 2004

Whisper these things aren't true... (Or are they?)

OK folks - Here's part two:

Mick Rock took his very first pictures of David Bowie at Birmingham Town Hall on Friday, 17th March, 1972.

See part one in yesterday's news if you're not sure what to do. Tune in tomorrow for part three.

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2005 Official Signed Calendar Contest - Day 1

on September 21, 2004

Everybody knows it's true... (Or is it?)

OK folks - It's the first day of a four-day true or false competition for five signed copies of the 2005 Official David Bowie Calendar we told you about yesterday. We were going to run this on Saturday, but as BowieNetter Withnail kindly pointed out, you probably want to know if you're a winner or not before the calendars go on sale.

So, this is as easy as it sounds. I'll be posting four statements over the next four days and you must decide whether each of them is true or false.

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Big Bowienet Discount For 2005 Official Calendar

on September 20, 2004

But don't forget your date with me...

As I confirmed on the MBs yesterday, there is going to be an official 2005 David Bowie calendar featuring twelve of Mick Rock's beautiful shots covering the two ends of a thirty-year spectrum...that's the very stylish cover above.

We are very pleased to be able to offer the calendar exclusively for a three-week pre-sale through BowieNet, before it will be made available generally.

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Ultra-rare Signed Tour Print Winners

on September 17, 2004

As his past puts him back in Brussels...

This one threw half of you, but the other half who sent in the correct answer numbered many more than the five prizes available anyway... does that make any sense?

The information you needed (to be in with any chance at all) could be found in this news item: 10.07.2003 NEWS: EUROPEAN LEG OF REALITY TOUR KICKS OFF TONIGHT

From that piece, the five BowieNetters listed below (in alphabetical doo dah) gleaned the following relevant information about the picture in the print above: The shot was taken on Saturday, October 4th 2003 in Brussels, Belgium,