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Amneville Set List Details

on November 08, 2003

Db in Amneville tonight by BowieNetter Celine Caux.

Amneville fetish...

The Bowie show rolled into Amneville in France today for a show at Le Galaxie. Our on-the-road eye and ear witnesses report that tonight's performance from David was another of those among the best of the tour so far.

The 25-song set kicked off a little differently, starting with The Loneliest Guy and Days, and continuing with the more recent show openers, Rebel Rebel and New Killer Star, transposed.

Tonight's comedy highlight happened when David wiggled the limbs of a toy tiger, (thrown on stage by an audience member)

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Lille Set List Details

on November 07, 2003

Three DBs in Lille tonight. Pictures by Philippe Auliac, montage by Blammo.

So you train by shadow boxing...

David Bowie kicked of a string of six French shows tonight with the latest A Reality Tour show at Le Zenith in Lille.

By all accounts he was in usual playful mood, enjoying a couple of boxing sparing sessions with Gail after Ashes To Ashes, including a display of his impressive 'Popeye' windmill punch that is enough to scare any potential attacker away.

As is his want, he also showed off his perfect command of French by talking about eating muscles in Brussels... or some weird Bowie