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Wembley First Night Pix And Set List

on November 26, 2003

David Bowie transports Wembley to 1972 for Five Years.

A London boy, oh a London boy...

David Bowie played his first night at Wembley Arena last night to an uncharacteristically warm reception... for a London audience. There were even similar scenes to Dublin after Life On Mars?, and again David seemed genuinely moved.

"Ziggy Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed.... Guitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."

The main set list was the same as the first night of Dublin, but Slip Away and Heathen were dropped from the encore. Anyway, here's the 25-song setlist from last night:

Wembley November 25th 2003

01 Rebel Rebel

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Post 4752

on November 23, 2003
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Dublin Second Night Pix, Set List And Review

on November 23, 2003

DB in Dublin. Good to see he's feeling himself again.

Last night they (really) loved you...

Perhaps buoyed from the reception he received during the first show at the Point Depot in Dublin, David Bowie played the longest set of his A Reality Tour last night. Just ten minutes under the three hour mark, the 35-song set featured a few of the less familiar songs that have been played on the tour, such as Sister Midnight, Days, Be My Wife, Fantastic Voyage and Breaking Glass.

The mood was at fever pitch again, and the crowd roared as David once more declared "Our day will come" in Gaeilge,

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Dublin First Night Pix And Set List

on November 22, 2003

DB does his best to ignore a bloke filming a Mekon on the first night of Dublin.

We're today's scrambled creatures, locked in tomorrow's Dublin feature...

"If we're going to film a DVD anywhere, this is the place to do it. I know it, you know it and they (the film crew) know it!" That's how David Bowie explained the presence of cameras at the first of two shows at the Point Depot in Dublin last night.

And the decision to film these shows was a good one.