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Riverside Information Site

on September 06, 2003

Yeah! I ran to the street, looking for information...

I'm sure you are all aware of this by now, but BowieNetter, iforgot, has created a very useful and informative Riverside mini-site. You'll find pretty well everything you need to know on this beautifully designed site, including location (with a handy map), how to get there, and details regarding the pre-show meet up at the Old Trout pub in Hammersmith.

You can reach the site by clicking on the image above, and, as iforgot suggests, if you've not told him you intend to show up at the Old Trout yet, you really should, as he may be able to

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Forthcoming 'reality' Tv

on September 05, 2003

and the tracks are on TV...

The Bowie Calendar has been updated with some of the fantastic new TV shows David is taping in the run up to the release of Reality and the start of the Reality World Tour. All previously unseen shows are highlighted like this.

First up is David's appearance as a guest on next week's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. The 50 minute show airs on Sept 12th at 10.35PM on BBC1 in the UK.


On Thursday September 18th, David Bowie will be appearing

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Help Gary Crowley Quiz David Bowie Now

on September 05, 2003

To let yourself down would be a big disgrace, With the London boys...

Chirpy Cockney chappy, Gary Crowley, must have exhausted his repertoire of Bowie questions when he interviewed our man last year... because now he wants you to ask the questions.

BBC Radio LDN (click on image above) is planning an hour long Bowie special to be broadcast on October 4th, and Gary wants you to mail him with whatever it is you've been wanting to ask David all these years.

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September 8th Winner Instructions

on September 04, 2003

I lay awake at night, terrified of rules on Monday...

I'm still getting a few e-mails regarding the procedure for Monday. So, for those of you that missed it, here, again, are the details that winners for places at David Bowie's Reality presentation in London on September the 8th need to know.

You need to be at the venue on the day by 6:30pm UK time.

Even though doors don't open until 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start, we want to get our winners sorted as quickly as possible.

You will need to bring a form of photo ID...

...such as passport, travel pass or work security pass.

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Steven Klein Shoots Bowie Session For L'uomo Vogue

on September 03, 2003

As you dig little holes for the dead and the maimed...

On the shelves now is the latest issue of L'UOMO VOGUE and it features an incredible photo shoot by Steven Klein that's sort of Blade Runner meets The Heart's Filthy Lesson.

There are some fairly disturbing and violent shots in this session, but they are incredibly beautiful and really worth a look.

Again, we'll bring you more, and some of the pictures from the shoot in our next magazine round-up at the weekend.