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Toulouse Show Cancelled

on November 11, 2003

I said I'd let you know immediately I had any updates after last night's news that David was suffering from some kind of throat condition. Well, I can now tell you that unfortunately David has come down with a case of laryngitis, and for this reason he has most regretfully had to cancel tomorrow's show in Toulouse.

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Nice Set List Details

on November 10, 2003

Not Nice...In fact, I'm afraid this is another Blammo shot from Paris.

Yes he was awful nice, Really quite out of sight...

Nice wasn't particularly nice to David Bowie as his A Reality Tour rolled into town today. David apparently explained early on that tonight's show was going to be a little different due to some kind of throat condition.

I've had no official word about the exact nature of this condition as of yet, but, whatever it is, by all accounts David battled on through a shorter than normal set, but still managed to put on a great show... "Heroes" being a particular highlight.