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Wembley Aftershow Pictures

on December 03, 2003

Clockwise from left: Phil, David, Paul, Ricky and Eddie.

And other friends of mine...

The stars were out for David Bowie's Wembley shows last week... and photographer Jason Fraser was there to record the evidence. We'll start with the above photo taken on the first night. Clockwise from left we have: Roxy Music's very tall guitarist, Phil Manzanera; The five-foot-ten-and-a-half Rock God, David Bowie; A gigantic Paul Merton (either that or he's tip-toeing); Short-arsed Ricky Gervais; and last, but vertically-challenged, Eddie Izzard, ...oh sorry, he's kneeling.

I had a quick chat with Ricky

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S+v Out In Us Today... Stay Tuned To Win A Set

on December 01, 2003

Don't you wonder sometimes, 'Bout sound and vision...

The Sound + Vision 4-CD Box Set that we first told you about way back in July (07/18/03 NEWS: SOUND+VISION BOX SET DUE IN THE AUTUMN) was released yesterday, apart from in the US where it is released today.

We will be running a competition for five copies of this beauty sometime next week, so stay tuned if your tour budget doesn't allow you to go get a set just yet! The tracklisting is the same as it was when we originally told you about this splendid package, but here it is once more just to remind you what a bargain this box set is: