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Singapore Set List

on March 04, 2004

Beauty And The East...

David has just come off stage at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore. I'm afraid all I have to report at the moment is the short, but sweet, set. Thanx to handsome Nick B for sending the officially confirmed 24-song set list:

Singapore March 4th 2004

01 Rebel Rebel
02 New Killer Star
03 Fame
04 Cactus
05 All The Young Dudes
06 China Girl
07 Battle For Britain (The Letter)
08 The Loneliest Guy
09 The Man Who Sold The World
10 Afraid
11 Sunday
12 Heathen (The Rays)
13 Under Pressure
14 Life On Mars?
15 Looking For Water
16 Quicksand
17 Days
18 Ashes To Ashes
19 I'm Afraid of

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Final Instalment Of 3-part Vt Film Now Live

on March 02, 2004

Just the twinkling lights of heaven...

Here's the last instalment of this fascinating little three-parter from Anthony. You know how it works by now, and this is another one that I can't really talk about without giving too much away... so I'll shut up now.

Thanx again Anthony... Boy, I'm looking forward to seeing what he manages to get from the Japanese leg of the tour.

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Tampa Bowienet Pre-sale Now On

on March 01, 2004

You'd let me know when the time was now...

As you should know via an e-mail from BowieNet by now, there's some more A Reality Tour ticket stuff going on. So here it is...

May 5th 2004 - Performing Arts Center - Tampa, Florida

Click on the image above or go to the A Reality Tour tickets page for all your ticket requirements.