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Bowie Special In Schnitt Magazine

on July 10, 2003

Me, I'm fresh on your pages...

BowieNetter Bianca has kindly sent in details of the latest issue of the German language magazine, Schnitt, which has a 23-page Bowie special. The feature, (which is apparently titled: Station to Station - The Performer David Bowie) is broken down into several articles, including the following:

"Suburbian Legend" by Sukhdev Sandhu
"Pfeile in die Augen" by Sascha Seiler
"Ein Gott auf Durchreise" by Georg Seeßlen
"Pastiche und Parodie" by Andreas Höflich
"I Just Cut and Blackout" by Johannes Ullimaier
"The Second Coming" by Vivienne Gaskin

The piece is

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Glasgow Bowienet Presale Almost Over

on July 09, 2003

It's over now...

By the time you read this, the members-only ticket presale for the November 28th show at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland, is probably over. (Just over an hour to go as I post.)

However, tickets for the general public sale will be available from 9:00am tomorrow morning, (Friday July 11th) when those of you that didn't get tickets via BowieNet can purchase your tickets online via ticketmaster (click on TM Scotland link) or via

Tickets for both the 2nd Dublin show and the Milan show will stay on sale until our allotment has sold out.

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Mike Garson Chat Transcript Available Now

on July 09, 2003

"What do you think of my hat Mike?" - "It looks great on you David, but, you'll
never catch me in a hat... I'm far too proud of this luxurious mane of mine!"

Dancing with the big Boy...

For those of you that haven't yet noticed, the transcript from last month's Mike Garson chat is now live. If you, like me, couldn't make it on the day, you can now read Mike's answers to such probings as:

What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage? What is it about David that amazes you the most? What's the meaning of life? What has been your favorite sounding Bowie tour? What's your tip of the day?

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Rock 'n' Roll Fag Bar... Boy George Reports

on July 09, 2003

"I don't want to be an angel, just a little bit evil...
Will they dance to this one do you think, Blammo?"
Boy George pictured in Brixton last week by TBB.

Dancing with the big Boy...

The do in Brixton that we told you about last week, (07/03/03 REMINDER: BOY GEORGE AND ZIGGY SCREENING IN LONDON TONIGHT) seems to have impressed Boy George enough to write about it in his weekly column for the Sunday Express, here in the UK. Here's an excerpt from the piece:

I was booked for the opening night of Rock 'n' Roll Fag Bar in Brixton.

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Bowie's New Album Is Now A Reality

on July 08, 2003

You fall for Reality...

We are immensely proud to be able to give you an exclusive peek at the artwork for David Bowie's 26th studio album, Reality, and the final tracklisting for the release which is due on September 15th.

The sleeve, (above) features the combined talents of Rex Ray (who you all know and love for his work on many previous Bowie projects) and typographer Jonathan Barnbrook, who also worked on Heathen.

Reality is the fourth Bowie studio album to feature a painted image of David on the cover, (the first three being Diamond Dogs, Scary Monsters and, of course, Outside ) and we