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Glasgow Pictures, Set List And Reviews

on November 29, 2003

"Now it's time to close our eyes, Now it's time to say goodbye."

So I said "So long" and I waved bye-bye...

David Bowie ended the final show of the European leg of his A Reality Tour in Glasgow last night with his usual style and brilliance, and a little extra for good measure. It's hard not to be whisked along by the sheer enthusiasm of an audience this good and David responded with an evening of total entertainment, confirming for many why he's still the best solo rock act in the world today.

The 28-song set was a perfect balance of old and new, and though the usual ovation for Life On

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Rest In Peace Bowienetter Dean Andrews

on November 26, 2003

All of you that visit the BowieNet message boards are no doubt aware of the tragic death of BowieNetter Dean Andrews (wordonawing). It feels a little uncomfortable to be posting this at thanksgiving, but I'm sure you'll all want to reflect a moment on this sad loss.Dean was killed in a road traffic accident in Wembley at around 7:50pm on Tuesday evening as he made his way on foot to the David Bowie concert at the Arena.Though I didn't really know Dean personally (I had my first and last conversation with him in Dublin at the weekend) it's obvious from the many messages on the boards that he

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Wembley First Night Pix And Set List

on November 26, 2003

David Bowie transports Wembley to 1972 for Five Years.

A London boy, oh a London boy...

David Bowie played his first night at Wembley Arena last night to an uncharacteristically warm reception... for a London audience. There were even similar scenes to Dublin after Life On Mars?, and again David seemed genuinely moved.

"Ziggy Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed.... Guitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."

The main set list was the same as the first night of Dublin, but Slip Away and Heathen were dropped from the encore. Anyway, here's the 25-song setlist from last night:

Wembley November 25th 2003

01 Rebel Rebel