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Final Chicago Set List And Rs Critics Vote

on January 17, 2004

"If I look proud Slicky, it's because the RS critics have voted this tour #2 best tour of 2003!"

Blue Jean can send me...

I said in advance of DB's final Chicago date last night: "I imagine it wouldn't be too reckless to expect a few surprises in tomorrow's setlist". Well, it didn't take a rocket scientist to work that one out, but, for those of you that attended all three dates, David certainly didn't disappoint.

Apart from the reintroduction of Sound And Vision, Slip Away, A New Career In A New Town, Breaking Glass and Bring Me The Disco King, (first US performances of all of these songs

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Chicago Review Round-up

on January 16, 2004

Last night they loved you...(and the night before that, etc.)

While we're waiting for the setlist for the last of David's three shows at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, and following on from the review from the that we posted on Wednesday, here's a roundup of a few more online reviews. I've only used snippets here, but each title links to the full review.

The pictures I've used over the last few days were taken by Tony Bonyata, who was also responsible for this first review... A talented man indeed:

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Set List From 2nd Chicago Show

on January 15, 2004

Dancing in Chicago...

David Bowie played the second of three shows at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago last night, and in the absence of any reviews or pictures, I'm afraid we'll have to make do with the setlist for now.

Last night's show witnessed the return of a few songs that we haven't seen on the setlist for a while, such as Starman, Days, Heathen and Always Crashing In The Same Car, and with a third show at the same venue tomorrow, I imagine it wouldn't be too reckless to expect a few surprises in tomorrow's setlist too.

Anyway, here are the twenty six songs that were performed last