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David Bowie - The Collection, Due Next Month

on March 04, 2005

Everything tastes nice...

This low-priced 12-track compilation CD isn't really aimed at you, the serious Bowie fan, but more at the casual listener who perhaps owns The Best Of Bowie but now wants to delve a little deeper.

Nevertheless, I am duty-bound to report on this rather cool tatser anyway, so here goes...David Bowie - The Collection is released through EMI Gold on April 18th with a recommended retail price of £5.99, a bargain at around 60p per track.

The CD features what are considered by the compilers to be "The Best Of The Album Tracks", a claim bound to be hotly-debated on the

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David Live And Stage Dvd-audio Details

on March 02, 2005

Till the day my dream cascades around me...

As I mentioned in a previous news item, (02.21.05 REMINDER: DAVID LIVE AND STAGE OUT TODAY) we still don't have a definite release date for the 5:1 David Live and Stage DVD-Audios. I've received a few e-mails stating that members have read the discs will be available next month. Sadly, this isn't the case, the DVD-A releases will not be ready for April.

On a similar note, I have also heard from fans that have read about related footage for each disc. Again this is not true. David Live will not contain the Cracked Actor documentary, or indeed any