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No Bowie Live Dates Planned For 2005

on February 02, 2005

David Bowie live on stage in LA exactly one year ago today.

Round and round the rumours fly...

Rumours persist about DB playing European festival dates this summer. Normally I would ignore them, but even Rock & Folk are in on the act, apparently claiming that David will perform at this years Vieilles Charrues Festival in France.

There are currently no David Bowie live dates planned for 2005, but obviously you'll be the first to know if this situation changes.

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Btwn Dvd Out Next Month

on February 01, 2005

Putting on the black tie, cranking out the white noise...

Seeing as how most of you will have already bought the excellent Black Tie White Noise triple disc reissue back in 2003, you probably won't be interested in this...But, it's my duty to report, nevertheless.

Now that the triple disc has been deleted, (don't panic, it's still very easy to find) the 63-minute DVD is being released in its own right through EMI on March 7th in Europe and around a month later in North America.

I'll leave you with this montage from the back cover which utilises stills from this most delicious visual feast,