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Exclusive First Look At The Collection Cover

on March 16, 2005

Just about the best you can hear...

Above is the sleeve for the David Bowie - The Collection CD that I told you about a couple of weeks ago. (03.04.05 NEWS: DAVID BOWIE - THE COLLECTION, DUE NEXT MONTH) And, as promised, you're the very first to see the finished thing.

As I said at the time, this low-priced 12-track compilation CD will be released through EMI Gold on April 18th with a recommended retail price of just £5.99.

For those of you disinclined to click back to that original news piece, here's the track listing again...


01 Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly

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Btwn Dvd Winners

on March 16, 2005

Like the video films we saw... (almost identical in fact, but better quality)

OK, I won't delay any further with this one...not that I'm late or anything. See the original news piece if you missed this contest, and if you want to double-check when I said I would post the winners. (03.07.2005 NEWS: BTWN DVD OUT TODAY...WIN A COPY NOW)

Here are the answers that would have got you into the Random Selector's in-box. (Ooer missus)

BTWN DVD contest 1

01 David recorded a foreign language version of one of the Black Tie White Noise tracks. What was the track and what language did he sing it in?

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Bowienet News Archive Updated

on March 14, 2005

Things that happened in the past...

BowieNetter, Susan 'The Smudger' Smith, has updated the BowieNet news archive to include January and February.

Click on any of the above images to be reminded of what happened in the world of David Bowie during the first couple of months of 2005.