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Sony Re-issues For America

on February 15, 2004

Turning U.S. round and round and round...

The US versions of the above Sony reissues, (09/15/03 NEWS: REALITY OUT NOW... PLUS SONY REISSUES) are due for release via Sony/Columbia on March 23rd. These American versions will have bonus tracks, but they are not the double disc versions I mentioned last year. (04/25/03 NEWS: SONY REISSUES: THE FACTS)

Details are a little sketchy at the moment, and while I understand that there are still plans for the double disc versions sometime this year, here follows the bonus tracks on the American versions due in March:

1. Outside bonus track:
Get Real

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Wellington Set List From Charly

on February 13, 2004

From deep within, despite the rain...

David Bowie played his first show down under for gazillions of years (16 actually), when A Reality Tour reached Wellington in New Zealand. A somewhat jetlagged BowieNetter, Charly (aka ch ch ch ch ch charlie), called me from outside the Westpac Stadium a couple of hours ago, moments after Mr Bowie had left the building.

As well as very kindly providing the set list, Charly also informed me of a couple of the onstage shenanigans, such as the crowd participation encouragement from David before Dudes and a brief teasing snatch (can I say that?) of Space