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Tonight's Set List From Vienna

on October 29, 2003

"Watch out David, here we are in Paris and Blam Blam is taking a shot that
he'll no doubt try and pass off as a picture from Vienna. Boy that's cheap!"

Not the loneliest guy in the world...

The Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria was the venue for another memorable show from David Bowie on the latest stop of his A Reality Tour. The 30-song, two hours and forty minutes set saw the return of a storming version of Reality for the first time since Copenhagen, and the surprise inclusion of The Loneliest Guy for the first time.

It seems that this is one of those shows that will stay in our

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David And Iman Together For Hilfiger

on October 27, 2003

And so the story goes they wore the clothes...

Many online news sources are currently featuring the story of David and Iman's latest exciting collaboration. They are to appear together for the very first time in the launch advertising campaign for the H Hilfiger range from Tommy Hilfiger's 2004 spring collection. Here are some quotes from the official press release:

"David Bowie and Iman bring everything I'm looking for to represent this brand -- music, style, elegance, creativity, sophistication -- they're a living testament to all that influences and inspires me," said Hilfiger.

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Last Night's Set List From Munich

on October 27, 2003

OK, so it's not from Munich, but it's nice and colourful, ain't it?

Calling Sister Midnight, You know I had a dream last night...

David Bowie's A Reality Tour stopped of at Munich's Olympiahalle in Germany last night, for what David referred to as the "Christmas Show". He apparently wished the audience a Happy Christmas on more than one occasion... The man's not the full ticket if you ask me!

The assembled Munichians were lucky enough to be treated to a version of Iggy Pop's Sister Midnight for the first time since the Poughkeepsie show.

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The Italian Job: David Bowie In Milan

on October 26, 2003

Bella Lugosi? Nah... It's DB trying out his vampire cloak
in preparation for Friday's Halloween show in Koln.

I'm living in a silent film... (Not entirely accurate)

We promised "more gems", and today's offering (from a solo Anthony this time) is nothing short of brilliant. There truly are some priceless moments in this five-minute short.

Laugh with David and the band as he attempts to show off his impressive handful of nonsensical Italian phrases... melt at the sight of enraptured, beautiful young fans caught in a moment of sheer ecstasy... experience stirrings down below as David does that