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Rex Ray says goodbye and FU

on February 09, 2015


“And now I close my eyes”


It is with great sadness we report that Rex Ray, the San Francisco-based fine artist, graphic designer and beautiful human being, succumbed to a long illness today.

Rex, who was 58, was active online right up to last week before he entered hospice care over the weekend.

Bowie fans will know him best for a series of incredible album and single artworks along with prints and gig posters for Bowie.

With the news of his death a message was posted on the closed FB group: REX RAY SUPER-ELITE MF FAN CLUB CLUB!

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Bowie Record Store Day 2015 release part 2

on February 08, 2015


“I still don’t know what I was waiting for”


April 18th sees the release of the latest special limited David Bowie 7" picture disc, the Record Store Day 2015 edition of Changes.

Collectors of the 40th anniversary series of picture discs (which celebrate the original RCA releases of Bowie’s singles), have long bemoaned the absence of Changes from the series on account of it being the first Bowie single on RCA.

For some mad reason, the 40th anniversary releases commenced with Starman, and we didn’t really appease fans with the April 1st story last year regarding a Changes picture disc.

So it

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Bowie Record Store Day 2015 release part 1

on February 08, 2015


“Well the record’s so white, but it may come clear”


April 18th sees the release of a limited edition white/clear vinyl 'Side By Side' 7" 'Kingdom Come'. One side features the original Tom Verlaine version of the track and the other has Bowie's rendition from the album 'Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)'.

'Kingdom Come' was first released by ex Television frontman Tom Verlaine on his eponymous solo album in 1979, a year later Bowie covered the song for inclusion on the album 'Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)', Bowie wanted to know how the song would sound in the style of Ronnie Spector

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Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under at 65th Berlinale - BIFF

on February 08, 2015


“Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight”


Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under (a film by Ed Gibbs and Rubika Shah), screens at the 65th Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival next week.

Four screenings of the film commence on Tuesday February 10 and here’s the synopsis.



The remarkable, forgotten story behind David Bowie's biggest-ever hit record – and how an unlikely journey deep into the Australian outback led to its unprecedented success.


An early pioneer of music video, Bowie’s visual legacy hit a new peak in 1983, on the newly launched MTV.

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One final push for Lea DeLaria Bowie Jazz Album

on February 04, 2015


“But she jumped into the furnace, Singing old songs we loved”


Orange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria (Carrie “Big Boo” Black) announced her crowdfunding project last year, a jazz rendition of the greatest hits of David Bowie.

In a video posted on Pledge Music, she had this to say regarding her appeal: “You may not know it, but I have five records on the Warner Brothers jazz label. So now, I am working on 'House of David: DeLaria + Bowie = Jazz'. I'm recording 12 David Bowie tunes, and I'm swinging the hell out of them.”

She continued: “The trick is to make the people want to hear it in