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Planet Bowie talk in Cambridge Wednesday

on November 08, 2015


“I’m hoping to kick but the Planet Bowie is glowing”


The insanely talented Dr Leah Kardos has been in touch with details of a talk she is giving at Homerton College in the UK this coming Wednesday (November 11):

This follows her much-loved presentation at the Stardom and Celebrity of David Bowie symposium at ACMI back in July. Over to you Leah...


“My talk will look in some detail at Bowie’s representations and contributions to culture, and how these contributions are entangled with issues related to aesthetics, queerness, politics, authenticity and

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Duncan Jones updates and WARCRAFT trailer

on November 06, 2015


“Watching all the world and war torn”


Film director Duncan Jones (whose father is the successful British rock star/actor/etc., David Bowie), has been a very busy man recently.

Today the first trailer for his latest film, WARCRAFT, is released (, and work is well underway on his next project, MUTE.

Our good friend @Unklerupert has kindly supplied us a brief summary of Duncan’s activities. Over to you Unk...


'Where are we now?...'


So sang David Bowie on his surprise return on January 8th 2013, this was also the question asked at the beginning of

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Freddie Burretti film London charity preview

on November 05, 2015


“And so the story goes they wore the clothes”


Following the recent private screening in Milton Keynes of Starman: Freddie Burretti - The Man Who Sewed The World, Lee Scriven’s excellent and moving film about David Bowie’s Ziggy era, visionary tailor will now be showing at the Olympic Recording Studios on Wednesday 25th November.

Keep reading for more information regarding the film and how to purchase the few remaining tickets.


#FreddieBurretti  #BurrettiBowie  #TheManWhoSewedTheWorld


Freddie Burretti - The Man Who Sewed The World


A private London Charity preview of Lee Scriven’s new

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Bowie on Soul Train 40 years ago today

on November 04, 2015


“He’s so divine, his soul shines”


Forty years ago today, David Bowie earned the privilege of an appearance on the famous US music show, Soul Train.

Miming to Fame, his very first #1 single, and debuting his new single, Golden Years, a very nervous Bowie (calmed a little by the ingestion of something or other), answered questions from the presenter and audience from the stage.

It’s hard to imagine what those in attendance made of this bizarre apparition, but it’s clear from the broadcast that they very much appreciated this very funky white boy.

Check out a piece regarding this classic

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TMWSTW album is 45 today

on November 04, 2015


“We spoke of was and when”


Today we celebrate the November 1970 US release of Mike Weller’s ‘cartoon sleeve’ version of David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World, which you can see in the advert reproduced here.

Following the brouhaha over Bowie’s original intended artwork for the album, TMWSTW wasn’t released in the UK for another six months.

But that’s a whole other story that we’ll be looking at shortly.

Meanwhile go have a listen to this fine Tony Visconti produced recording on the David Bowie (Five Years 1969 – 1973) box set.


#FiveYearsBox  #DavidBowie #TMWSTW