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Reality album is twelve

on September 16, 2015


“Hey boy welcome to Reality”


Reality, David Bowie’s 26th studio LP, was released in the USA on this day in 2003. (September 15th in the UK)

Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti the album peaked at #3 on the UK chart and fared even better in many other European countries.

If for some strange reason it’s an album you’re unfamiliar with, check it out now.


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Happy 50th Birthday David Bowie

on September 16, 2015


“Fame, What's your name?”


David Bowie is 50-years-old least the name David Bowie is.

The most solid evidence of when David chose to go with Bowie over Jones as his professional name, first appeared in Kenneth Pitt's book, David Bowie The Pitt Report. In it Ken talks about the transition between David's managers from one Ralph Horton to Ken himself. In a telephone conversation of the 15th, Ralph discussed with Ken the possibility of Ken taking over the management reins.

The time wasn't right for Ken just yet.

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Five Years Box - Album 7: Aladdin Sane

on September 13, 2015


“He's outrageous, he screams and he bawls”


As we previously mentioned, the biggest hit single taken from Aladdin Sane was The Jean Genie which peaked at #2 on the UK singles chart in January 1973.

Mick Rock filmed and directed the rousing accompanying promo video for the track in San Francisco in October 1972.

Intercut with live footage from the Winterland Audiorium and scenes of DB with a cavorting Cyrinda Foxe outside the aptly named Mars Hotel, the film also featured footage of Bowie miming to the track in a hired studio with The Spiders From Mars.

You can watch the video here, and

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Scary Monsters is thirty five

on September 12, 2015


“He opened strange doors that we'd never close again”


David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) was released on September 12th 1980.

This Bowie/Visconti-produced classic entered the UK album chart at #1 while the #1 single which preceded it, Ashes To Ashes, was still in the UK Top Ten.

If you need reminding of just how well this album has stood the test of time and still sounds fresh and exciting to this day, go listen to Scary Monsters now.


#DavidBowie #ScaryMonsters35

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Five Years Box - Album 7: Aladdin Sane

on September 10, 2015


“Passionate bright young things...”


Just a fortnight to go until the worldwide release of the David Bowie (Five Years 1969 – 1973) box set on September 25th.

For the rest of this week we’re focusing on the penultimate studio album in the box, Aladdin Sane.

Preceded by The Jean Genie and Drive-In Saturday singles (both narrowly missing the top spot: #2 and #3 respectively), Aladdin Sane was released in April 1973.

The clamour for anything bearing David Bowie’s name at this point, ensured that the album entered the UK album chart at #1 on the strength of pre-orders alone.

Listen to this