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ANCIANT Album Focus: Stage

on September 05, 2017


“One man in his time plays many parts” *             


(ANCIANT = A New Career In A New Town)


Just over three weeks till the September 29th release of the David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town (1977–1982) box set (ANCIANT). 


This week our album focus is on the second of Bowie’s official live album releases, 1978’s Stage. Check out a cool little animation here.


Pop over to the official David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town playlist and have a listen to the 2005 version ahead of the 2012 release, which contains two extra tracks.



*Some of you may be wondering why we have quoted

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ANCIANT Album Focus: "Heroes"

on September 02, 2017


“You can't say no to the Beauty and the Beast”


(ANCIANT = A New Career In A New Town)


Ahead of the release of ANCIANT later this month, here’s the next part of our album focus on "Heroes".


As mentioned previously, there were just two singles taken from the "Heroes" album in the UK.


"Heroes"/V-2 Schneider released September 1977 - (Peak UK chart position: #24)

Beauty And The Beast/Sense of Doubt released January 1978 - (Peak UK chart position: #39)


Pretty well everyone with a full set of working ears is familiar with the title track, but those not acquainted with the Bowie back

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Charles Shaar Murray on THAT Low review

on September 01, 2017


“It’s about to be writ again”


As we mentioned in our focus on Low last week, it seems everybody was caught on the hop by the release of the album, not least of all RCA. All of the advertising and reviews appeared AFTER Low had been released. There wasn’t even a lead single preceding its release, which was practically unheard of. (Hunky Dory was the only other RCA Bowie album that didn’t have one.)


Going by the lateness of the published reviews for Low, it almost seems that preview copies weren’t sent out.

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German Rolling Stone exclusive Bowie vinyl

on August 31, 2017


“Und wir sind dann Helden, Für einen Tag...”


As we’re focusing on "Heroes" this week, we thought it pertinent to mention that the October 2017 issue of Rolling Stone magazine in Germany, has an exclusive Bowie feature and cover-mounted 7" vinyl single of "Helden"/"Heroes".


The magazine/vinyl package is available to pre-order now, but it’s only available to addresses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Here’s the tracklisting of this future 33 1/3rd collectable.


Side 1: "Helden" (’89 remix version)

Side 2: "Heroes" (live version from Stage)


Stay tuned for more information

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ANCIANT Album Focus: "Heroes"

on August 30, 2017


“They don't walk, they just glide in and out of life”


(ANCIANT = A New Career In A New Town)


Here’s another instalment of our album focus on "Heroes".


This is Tony Visconti’s introduction from another set of very informative notes (from the ANCIANT book), regarding the recording of "Heroes"...



+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +



‘"Heroes"’ began in Hansa Studios, West Berlin, by the Berlin Wall. The intense and diverse reaction to the experimental album ‘Low’ proved that the best path for

David, at this point in his career, was to continue to break all