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Rebel Rebel 40th Anniversary Picture Disc out now

on March 10, 2014


“Hot tramp, I love you so”


As exclusively announced here on and on the only official David Bowie FB page a couple of months back, the Rebel Rebel 40th Anniversary Picture Disc is out today.

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Two Bowie picture discs for RSD 2014 due April

on March 08, 2014


“Gimme your hands cause you're wonderful”


Well you may have already stumbled upon one of the images and half a story regarding David Bowie’s two Record Store Day releases for 2014.

So we’re pleased to be able to bring you the full details, including the usual exclusive on the images from both sides of each of these 40th anniversary picture discs. (Scroll to see both discs)

Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide will be an RSD world exclusive excluding North America who will issue 1984 instead. Both 45s were originally issued by RCA in 1974.

Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide was released as single on April 12th, 1974,

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The Next Day released a year ago today...for some

on March 08, 2014


“They can’t get enough of it all”


Remember the buzz when this came out last year, even though many wouldn’t be able to get their hands on a copy till the 11th or the 12th or even later?

Either way, it was well worth the wait, and yes, we mean the ten year wait!

Listen again on Spotify with the extras here.

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Young Americans album is 39 today

on March 07, 2014


“All right, you want the young American”


David Bowie’s ninth studio album, the Bowie/Visconti/Maslin produced Young Americans, was released on this day in 1975.

A top ten album in both the US (#9) and the UK (#2) it also furnished Bowie with his first ever #1 single in the shape of the Bowie/Lennon/Alomar composition, Fame.

Young Americans still sounds a remarkable work today and that’s not just because it was written and sung by a 27-year-old white man, it’s a true classic however you look at it.

But don't take our word for it, if you've not listened in a while, go check it out again on

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The Prettiest Star and The World Of David Bowie are 44

on March 06, 2014


“It can all but break your heart, in pieces”


March 6th 1970 saw the release of both an album and a single for David Bowie in the shape of the Mercury 45, The Prettiest Star/Conversation Piece, and the Decca album, The World Of David Bowie.

The Prettiest Star was the beautifully melodic and worthy follow-up to Space Oddity and yet another label change for Bowie. Mercury was the sixth label that David had released UK singles on.

However, it looked like the label’s faith was well-placed with the signs looking good for another top ten UK hit, as suggested by an  NME review of the single.