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Changes picture disc is late addition for RSD 2014

on April 01, 2014


“I still don’t know what I was waiting for”


One of the few misgivings about the series of 40th anniversary picture discs that seem to have surfaced, is the fact that there was no release of Changes at the beginning of the series.

Changes was the first RCA single release around the globe back in January 1972, but the current 40th anniversary series kicked off with the second single from RCA, Starman.

Now that wrong is righted and the Changes picture disc is being pressed right now, just in time for Record Store Day 2014 on April 19th.

The A-side has the studio version of the track, as per

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Exclusive Chalkie Davies Bowie photos at SNAP

on March 14, 2014


“’Ere, what's that clicking noise?”


The first gallery exhibition for Welsh-born, US-based portrait photographer, Chalkie Davies, opens at SNAP in London on Saturday 15 March 2014.

Titled Chalkie Davies Goes Click (at Snap), the collection includes a few pictures he took of Bowie between 1973 and 1986.

Here’s a bit from him regarding the Absolute Beginners photo session...


"When Julien Temple made his film of Absolute Beginners he asked me to take photos of all the cast members and I spent a week on the movie set taking portraits of all the actors.

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Kansai Yamamoto feature in VICE magazine

on March 12, 2014




The new issue of VICE magazine is THE FASHION ISSUE, which appropriately enough has an exclusive interview with Kansai Yamamoto by Kazumi Asamura Hayashi and a bunch of stunning photos (such as the ones here) by Tajima Kazunali.

Here’s a brief excerpt...


“I actually had no idea who David Bowie was until I saw him wearing my clothes onstage at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Yasuko Hayashi, my stylist, was doing work for David Bowie and gave him some of my clothes.

This was the first time I had ever met an artist who was wearing my designs.

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Rebel Rebel 40th Anniversary Picture Disc out now

on March 10, 2014


“Hot tramp, I love you so”


As exclusively announced here on and on the only official David Bowie FB page a couple of months back, the Rebel Rebel 40th Anniversary Picture Disc is out today.

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Two Bowie picture discs for RSD 2014 due April

on March 08, 2014


“Gimme your hands cause you're wonderful”


Well you may have already stumbled upon one of the images and half a story regarding David Bowie’s two Record Store Day releases for 2014.

So we’re pleased to be able to bring you the full details, including the usual exclusive on the images from both sides of each of these 40th anniversary picture discs. (Scroll to see both discs)

Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide will be an RSD world exclusive excluding North America who will issue 1984 instead. Both 45s were originally issued by RCA in 1974.

Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide was released as single on April 12th, 1974,