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More dates added for David Bowie is documentary

on September 16, 2014


“Seven days to see my life”


In just seven days (September 23) the documentary film about the blockbuster exhibition, David Bowie is, will be screened in theatres across the US. Canada from September 25 and then worldwide from November 5.

View a clip from the film over on and check ticket availability at your nearest participating cinema here.

Stay tuned for details of further screenings as they happen.

Meanwhile, here’s an interview about the film with director Hamish Hamilton on

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Mick Rock Exposed paperback edition and exhibition

on September 15, 2014


“Till there was Rock”


The current issue of NME celebrates the reissue of Mick Rock’s 256-page Exposed paperback book in the shape of three posters, including the iconic double-page shot of Ziggy and Ronno ’enjoying’ British Rail nosh on their way to Scotland for shows in 1973.

The original hardback (bottom left in montage) featured Bowie on the cover, but the new paperback (published by Palazzo, September 25), sports a 1973 shot of DB on Kate Moss’s chest, not to mention a foreword by Tom Stoppard and an afterword by Andrew Loog Oldham. 

The attendant exhibition at SUMO in NY, opens to

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Bowie writes sleeve notes for Kinks retrospective

on September 11, 2014


“In my life I've never stopped to worry about a thing”


Due next month (October 14th) via Legacy Recordings in North America, is the 48-track compilation, The Essential Kinks, released in celebration of 50 years of Kinkdom.

David Bowie has written the sleeve notes for the 2 CD set and here’s an excerpt from them.


“Of course, from their noisy and brash beginnings, the Kinks have come to stand for some of the most enduring and heart-clutching pop of all time. They are in the gut of every British song-writer who followed them and are indisputably a cornerstone of everything pop and rock.

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Rita Ora channels Bowie circa 1996 for Fashion Rocks

on September 11, 2014


“Fashions may change, heaven knows”


Rita Ora paid tribute to David Bowie at Tuesday evening’s (September 9) Fashion Rocks 2014 charity event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

She echoed Bowie’s own October 1996 performance of Fashion at the VH-1 Fashion Awards at Madison Square Garden in NY, by performing a cracking version of the same song in similar attire.

Bowie’s original Union Jack coat (designed by Alexander McQueen in collaboration with Bowie for the Earthling album cover), was approximated for Rita’s performance, complete with distressing and burn marks.

Some took the

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Ben Schnetzer: Duncan Jones is a genius

on September 10, 2014


“Watching all the world and Warcraft”


You may have already seen this item, but it bears repeating here.

We’re sure you all know that Bowie’s son, director Duncan Jones, finished filming Warcraft (the film of the game World of Warcraft), recently.

There’s been very little to report on Warcraft thus far as the whole thing has been shrouded in secrecy.

However, last Saturday The Belfast Telegraph snatched a few words with actor Ben Schnetzer (who stars in new British comedy Pride, as well as Warcraft), and though he had nothing to say about the film itself, he was very complimentary about