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Limited edition Young Americans T-shirt available now

on April 10, 2015


“I heard the news today, oh boy“


To mark the release in February of the Young Americans / It's Gonna Be Me 40th anniversary 7" picture disc, The David Bowie Store has produced a limited edition T-shirt, as modelled by the familiar looking chap in our picture.

Go here for details.

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TMWSTW released In the UK on this day In 1971

on April 10, 2015


“You’re face to face with”



David Bowie’s third studio album, the Tony Visconti-produced The Man Who Sold The World, was released on this day (April 10th) in 1971 in the UK.

Issued the previous November in the US, the UK release was delayed in no small part due to problems regarding the sleeve artwork.

Pictured here (clockwise from top left) are the original US and UK versions, the German round cover, and the standard worldwide 1972 RCA reissue.

Four great sleeves, one classic album. Remind yourself here.

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Lazarus director Van Hove interviewed on Dutch TV

on April 09, 2015


“Speak English, French and Dutch?“


Lazarus director, Ivo van Hove, talked about Lazarus on daily Dutch TV chat show, De Wereld Draait Door (The World Keeps Turning), on Wednesday.

The full interview is available to view online, but for those that don't understand Dutch, our man in The Netherlands, Maurice, kindly supplied the following.



How Bowie came to work with Van Hove:


When producer Robert Fox contacted Van Hove by mail about working with Bowie, Van Hove initially thought someone was playing a joke on him.

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L'Homme qui venait d'ailleurs visits France today

on April 08, 2015


“(The Man Who Fell To) Earth keeps on rolling“


As Bowie fever continues to overwhelm the people of France, Nicolas Roeg’s remarkable film, The Man Who Fell To Earth, is given the remastered treatment exclusively for the French today.

The film, which stars David Bowie as the sexiest alien of all time in the form of Thomas Jerome Newton, is in cinemas there today and is also available on View On Demand (VOD).

We understand that this remastered version of the film is to be issued on the popular DVD/Blu-ray formats in the near future too. Read more here.

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Albarn selects Bowie for iTunes album favourites

on April 06, 2015


“Here are we, one Magic Whip moment“


Back in February, Blur announced the April 27 release of their new album, The Magic Whip. Damon Albarn talked about the influence of studio surroundings on the band’s work:


“There’s something about the studio we recorded it in, it was really different. I've recorded in a lot of places around the world and every place has its own spirit, so it was really interesting to make that decision it was going to be about Hong Kong. There’s points on the record where I think it really sounds like the stuff that David Bowie did in Berlin.