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Ten-page Young Americans feature in UNCUT

on December 22, 2014


“Me, I’m fresh on your pages“


To mark the 40th anniversary of David Bowie’s 1975 masterpiece, Young Americans, the February 2015 edition of UNCUT magazine has a ten-page feature by John Robinson, titled Heart and Soul.

The magazine also has a Bowie cover (albeit a flipped picture...eye and bangle give it away), and it’s available any day now. 

Here’s the intro to the piece...


August 1974, and DAVID BOWIE is a man carrying a heavy burden. Management problems, extravagant stage set, a whole wardrobe full of personae.

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Hunky Dory still sounding amazing at 43

on December 17, 2014


“Oh, look out you rock ’n rollers“


David Bowie’s Hunky Dory LP (his first for RCA), was released on this day in the UK in 1971. The album had already been released in the USA at this point, as had the attendant single, Changes.

However, despite a decent press campaign and very appreciative reviews, the record didn't enter the UK Top 50 for another ten months and it took several more weeks before it entered the Top 20 at the height of Ziggymania.

It eventually peaked at #3, incredible when one considers how precious a recording the majority of Bowie fans (and indeed, rock fans in general),

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Rolling Stone France 8-page Bowie cover feature

on December 16, 2014


“I found the secrets, I found the gold“


In celebration of Nothing Has Changed - The Very Best of David Bowie, the January/February 2015 edition of Rolling Stone France has an interesting Bowie cover feature by Denis Roulleau titled: Expérimentale & secrete - La face cachée de David Bowie.

Elsewhere there’s also a full-page appreciation by Philippe Barbot of the classic 1977 Bowie track "Heroes".

The main article concerns itself with 25 of the more obscure Bowie tunes along with a few better known recordings that the magazine considers ’Expérimentale’.

These are the tracks that really made

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How Bowie ushered in the 80s on SNL 35 years ago

on December 15, 2014


“Clothes always fit ya”


Broadcast live on 15th December 1979 in New York, David Bowie’s appearance on Saturday Night Live is frequently listed as having been broadcast on 5th January 1980.

The airdate was actually 15th December, with the title of the show, Saturday Night Live, being a bit of a clue too! (Scroll images for the original TV listing kindly supplied by Bill DeBlonk)

This was an important broadcast and along with the 1980 Floor Show it seems to have had a similarly persuasive effect on a lot of young Americans that Starman on TOTPs in 1972 and the BBC’s 1975 Cracked Actor

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NHC back up to #32 plus BBC Music Award tributes

on December 14, 2014


“Look at him climb“


The Official Charts Company in the UK has announced that Nothing Has Changed - The Very Best of David Bowie has gone back up the album chart seven places to #32.

No doubt people are realising the album is a hard-to-beat, quality Christmas gift.

Meanwhile, if you missed the inaugural BBC Music Awards on Thursday, you can watch the whole thing on the BBC iPlayer.

Though our man didn't pick up the gong for British Artist of the Year (cynical cries of “Don’t attend, don’t win!“), there was a lovely collection of tributes for him from the likes of Gary Barlow, Sarah-Jane