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Glimmer Of Hope! Pt3

on August 16, 1999
    The following is a list of people selected last night to replace the BowieNet members that could not attend the VH-1 taping.

    1. Daniel Simon from New York, New York
    2. Macon Sunshine Jacobson from Astoria, NY
    3. Myriam Santos-Kayda from Upland, CA
    4. Thomas Moore from newtown square, PA
    5. Ian Finlayson from Norwell, MA
    6. Jamie Dihiansan from Chicago, IL
    7. Lidia from Gainesville, Florida
    8. Derek Donovan from Kansas City, MO
    9. Amy Bloom from Margate, New Jersey
    10. Karen Dawson from Sunderland, England

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The Band!

on August 16, 1999
    For all those interested in the EXACT line-up for the VH-1 STORYTELLERS (singers and players of instruments that is) here you go:

    David Bowie (You Know)
    Reeves Gabrels (Guitar)
    Mike Garson (Keyboard)
    Gail Ann Dorsey (Bass)
    Mark Plati (Acoustic Guitar)
    Sterling Campbell (Drums)
    Holly (background vocals)
    Lani (background vocals)

    You can check out more on the line-up direct from the man himself in today's journal entry. Pics and all!
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Virgin Music Group Signs David Bowie To Worldwide Recording Agreement

on August 16, 1999

Virgin Music Group vice chairman Nancy Berry is proud to announce that the company has signed international superstar David Bowie to a worldwide recording agreement.

Comments Nancy Berry, "David Bowie is one of the world's most gifted artists. His music has inspired and continues to influence the work of many talented musicians, and helped shape our overall culture. Virgin Records America has had the privilege of working with David for several years, and now Virgin Music Group Worldwide will experience the same pleasure.

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Glimmer Of Hope! Pt2

on August 15, 1999
    ONE LAST CHANCE. A few BowieNet Ticket winners have regrettably declined their tickets due to personal reasons.

    We will make these tickets available tonight in the chat room some time after 8:00 PM EST. We will be drawing from the SAME list of people who submitted ticket requests last week. Good Luck! See you there.