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Bowie Is Wired

on July 21, 1999
    Wired Magazine has recently posted a new poll entitled: "Readers Rave: People, Companies and Products that are Transforming our World."

    The poll has 11 categories including Best Entertainment Website, New Media Innovator, and Entertainment Innovator.

    David has received 2 prestigious spots in the poll.

    1. BowieNet has been nominated for Best Entertainment Website(Your favorite online obsession)

    2. David Bowie has been nominated for Entertainment Innovator (Blowing our minds).

    There are only 3 people nominated in 2 categories:
    1. Steve Case
    2. Steve Jobs
    3. David Bowie

    So, once again, it's time
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Special Announcement: So You Want To Work For Bowienet ???

on July 21, 1999
    BowieNet is about to start producing some snazzy t-shirts to put in the BowieStore to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We have some nice internal designs that we are working with.... but then it hit us - the talent pool is really our members and since you are all screaming for a new contest - here it is.

    Submit your designs for an official BowieNet t-shirt. There are no rules or regulations (except you can't rip off any copyrighted materials).

    We will pick 5 finalists, post the winners design and then let our members pick the ultimate winner.
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He Gets To Everyone

on July 20, 1999
    Apparently Bowie was an influence on Ricky Martin. This according to Martin himself. In a recent interview, part of which was on Yahoo News, this nugget was revealed:> 'Martin also has several rocking post-"Livin' La Vida Loca" singles in the pipeline, including a duet with Madonna.

    "I grew up listening to Boston, Cheap Trick, Journey and David Bowie," said the ex-Menudo member from Puerto Rico. "When I was a kid, my brothers and I were all into rock, rock, rock."

    Does this also bode another duet in the offing for our wonky-eyed hero?
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Home Movies

on July 20, 1999
    Last week, Bowie went into the studio with Reeves Gabrels and Mark Plati to wrap up the forthcoming "Hours..." album.

    Here are a couple of fun video clips taken in the studio. No documentary work here, but we thought you might like to have a look into the studio during the making of the "Hours..."

    We are talking about (of course) his Cycling Knees

    The second clip shows Bowie giving a quick lesson to the boys in how to Keep Time

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Without You I'm Nothing

on July 19, 1999
    BowieNet Exclusive:
    This photo was sent over by the Placebo camp as a potential cover for the new Placebo/David Bowie Enhanced CD EP 'Without You I'm Nothing.'

    Here is a short sample of the track Without You I'm Nothing.

    As always, you can check up on Placebo at their official website:

    Thanks to Virgin and Hut records for the track ;)