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Creativity Award

on February 15, 1999

Last month, David asked that we give a "Special Creativity Award" to the creator of The Bowie Remix/Recreation Project website for going "above and beyond"!

BowieNet would like to personally thank Derek Donovan for his extraordinary entry in the song contest. Thanks Again Derick!

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Brit Awards

on February 14, 1999

FYI, The BRIT AWARDS 99 will be shown on UK TV at 8.00pm - 10.00pm on ITV stations on Wednesday 17th February.

The Brit Awards will also be aired in the United States on ABC TV on Saturday, 6th March in a 90 minute special program.

ALSO: The Irish pop stars BOYZONE will also be part of the 1999 BRIT Awards.

For all the details, check out the Brit Awards 99 website.

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Happy Valentine's Day

on February 13, 1999

Happy Valentine's Day from BowieNet. Enjoy a sonnet on this special day.

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Womad Festival

on February 12, 1999

Two of David Bowie and Beezy Baileys well known collaborations "Vomit NakedEarth" and "Talk is Cheep Cheep" are going to be on show at Beezy Bailey's"Popping Stars" exhibition at the Womad Music Festival in Johannesburg thisweekend.

The Festival was started by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Brooman in 1982and has become a great success. Rolling Stones said of WOMAD:

"The Festival has a wonderful sense of the unexpected. A bizarre melding ofmusical and cultural styles and a euphoric sense of peace and goodwill"

For Festival Information visit information on the
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"fly On The Wall" Contest

on February 11, 1999

As BowieNet approaches the official launch of the Lucent 360 degree BowieCam - the Lucent engineers have asked us to do some testing outside their firewalls. So as a quick down and dirty event - BowieNet will be giving away 2 signed CD's (by Bowie himself) for the person's who answer the "Fly on the Wall" question.

The question and instructions will be posted on Wednesday, February 17th. Then between 9:00 PM and 9:15 PM EST on the same night, you can e-mail your answer to Good Luck!

Check back for more detail.