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Can You Compete?

on February 24, 1999

While in the Chat -room recently, Bowie and several others noted theproliferation of Girlie calendars, cooking classes, comb collections etal, being created by members of B.Net. It was felt that Guys are notgetting as much exposure, so to speak, and it was proposed to remedythat situation immediately. Bowie, in order to redress this dastardlysituation, therefore delegated the job of Competition and Rulesmanifesto to Sir Total Blam Blam and Squire Tybalt.Herewith the result and, Bingo, the Silly Season begins a little earlythis year.

Men's Speedo Model Competition!

1. Contestant must

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What's Online

on February 24, 1999

Be on the look-out for the new issue of "What's Online" - a UK publication that features an interview with David this month.

On sale: 25th February 1999
Cover date: Issue 8
Cover price: £3.95 (UK)
Frequency: Bi-monthly
ISSN: 1369-6386
Editor and Writer: Tim McCann

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

What made you decide to start up BowieNet?

Our priority right from the beginning was that if we were going to do this we were going to do it really well. And the quality control of what goes on the site is extremely strict.
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Cyber Songs, Pop Icons Reviews

on February 24, 1999

Diana Gil-Osorio
Antenna Group/for UltraStar

*And we have a winner...David Bowie has announced the winner of BowieNet's hi-profile CyberSong Contest: Alex Grant, 20, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Grant will receive a$15,000 publishing contract from Bug Music (, a VIPtrip to New York (where he'll join Bowie for the recording of the song thisspring), a one-year subscription to BowieNet (, acomplete Bowie catalogue, $500 worth of music from CDNow( and a three-year subscription to Rolling

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Gail Ann Dorsey

on February 23, 1999

    Here are a few photos taken in Florence on February 20th of Gail playing with Zucchero. Photos were sent in by Grazia, Carlotta, Stefano, Paola, Rosanna and Davide.

    Check out the chat transcript from Gail's BowieNet chat on Thursday, December 10th, 1998.

    (Thanks to Italian Fanclub VELVET GOLDMINE)

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Chat With Boy George

on February 23, 1999

Here are the times for the chat with David Bowie and Boy George.

Saturday, February 27th.
5:00 p.m. GMT
9:00 a.m. PST
Noon EST.

David Bowie and Boy George will chat together for this special event. Please log into the #ChatGuest room for this chat. See you there.