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Kit Kat Club Contest

on November 06, 1999

Here are the trivia questions used in last night's contest. Congratulations to the winners, who answered these questions in no time at all!

Q: Who produced David's first single with the King Bees, 'Liza Jane'?
A: Leslie Conn
Q: How old was David at the time of this release?
A: 17
Q: In "The Man Who Fell To Earth", Newton makes an album. What is thetitle of this album?
A: "The Visitor".
Q: Who was the author of the mini-series 'The Buddha of Suburbia" towhich David did the soundtrack album?
A: Hanif Kureishi.

Congratulations to our lucky winners!

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Wb Legend Award Press Release

on November 06, 1999

Here is a snippet of the WB Radio Legend Award Press release.

"David Bowie, one of the most influential and ground-breakingmusicians of our time, is set to receive the Legend Award, to be presented at The WB Radio Music Awards..."

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Rolling Stone Poll

on November 04, 1999

Rolling Stone has a new poll that let's you vote for your favorite bands in it's 1999 Readers' Poll. Cast your ballot and win a trip to the American Music Awards!

"For more than two decades, theRolling Stone Readers Poll has served as your opportunity to tellus what artists, albums, videos and tours have rocked your world.

Now, for the first time, you can cast your vote online for the bestand most influential performers of the past year. Click on the link toour ballot and you could also win a trip to the American Music Awardson January 17 in Los Angeles."

After voting, you'll receive a