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Last Night And Today At Berklee

on May 07, 1999

Last night, Berklee students went all out in a very special tribute to David Bowie and fellow honorary doctorate recipient Wayne Shorter LIVE on stage at the Berklee Commencement Concert.

The students treated audience members to several Bowie classics, including Space Oddity and Modern Love, and even a "Bowie-medley". You can enjoy this 2 hour stream by clicking here

As you know, Bowie will deliver the commencement speech to this year's graduating class today. We will be providing a link to Bowie's speach right here on BowieNet, so check back soon. We all look forward to seeing "Dr.

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You're Backstage Pass, Literally!

on May 06, 1999

"What's Really Happening" is really happening!

First UltraStar and BowieNet gave the world a chance to co-write and record a song with David Bowie. Now, as an exclusive BowieNet project, we would like to ask for your artistic input with the event itself.

We are currently gearing up for the recording and web-cast of "What's Really Happening" LIVE on BowieNet later this month. We will broadcast the actual recording of the track live from the studio with David Bowie and our Grand prize winner Alex Grant.

So here is where you come in.

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Speedo Contest Winner

on May 06, 1999

With out any further adieu, can we get a drum-roll please?The winners of the Speedo Competition are:


ZeroGirl and Picadilly

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Top 500

on May 05, 1999

The results from this years UK Record Collector "Top 500 Collectable Artists poll" are in. Bowie comes in at number seven.

1 The Beatles
2 The Rolling Stones
3 Queen
4 Elvis Presley
5 Pink Floyd
6 Bob Dylan
7 David Bowie
8 John Lennon
9 The Who
10 Led Zeppelin