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US and UK trade magazine Bowie specials

on January 18, 2016


“Look out your window I can see his light”


Billboard (Jan 23) in the US and Music Week (Jan 18) in the UK both have specials celebrating the life and career of David Bowie in their latest issues.

Aside from the pages of tributes in both magazines, Billboard has a beautiful, full page Sukita portrait placed by Warner Music Group/Parlophone with the headline “YOU BLEW OUR MINDS”.

Music Week has a special wraparound cover placed by Columbia with a Bowie front cover underneath that.

There’s also a full-page placed by the Official Charts Company with the legend: “Farewell to the ultimate

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★ in at #1 on Billboard 200 Chart

on January 17, 2016


“The toppest top of all the tops”


David Bowie’s ★ has gone straight in at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, giving him his first #1 album in the US.

His previous studio album, The Next Day, had been his highest placing on the chart until now, when it reached #2 in 2013.

Check out this Billboard piece regarding this success.

Thanks again to everybody who helped make this happen, particularly those of you that bought the release.


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Arcade Fire’s Memorial Parade for Bowie

on January 16, 2016


“Planet Earth is blue, And there’s so much you can do”


An incredible amount of tributes to David Bowie are taking place around the globe this weekend, through every form of the media and using just about every imaginable medium there is.

Sadly there are way too many to list here, a Google search of ‘David Bowie tribute’ returned around 86 million results.

So even though it might seem unfair to single out any one event, there is a band that David Bowie himself did single out: Arcade Fire.

Reflektor was the last contribution Bowie made to another artist’s record and his love of the band

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★ enters UK chart at #1 with 19 Bowie albums and 13 singles in UK Top 100

on January 15, 2016


“I never thought I’d need so many people”


David Bowie is the Starman of the Official Chart as the nation pays tribute to a music icon

Over half a million Bowie records sold in the UK this week

Bowie commands one quarter of the Official Albums Chart Top 40

19 Bowie albums and 13 singles enter the Top 100


As the nation mourns the sad passing of David Bowie this week, the star’s continued impact on music shows as he dominates this week’s Official Chart.


Bowie’s new album Blackstar debuts at Number 1 with combined sales of almost 150,000, giving him his tenth chart-topping record and the

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Worldwide Bowie press

on January 14, 2016


“I can see the magazines”


Just a small sample of some of the Bowie related press out there at the moment.


Swipe/scroll (or click on little dots) for more images



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