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James Murphy tackles Golden Years

on March 19, 2015


“Never look back, walk tall, act fine“


You’re all familiar with the name James Murphy, including via Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) and Reflektor, the song Arcade Fire released under the pseudonym The Reflektors, which featured a guest vocal by Bowie.

Due later this month is the eclectic While We’re Young soundtrack compiled by music supervisor George Drakoulias.

Here’s a bit from the blurb...


While We’re Young is the new film by writer/director Noah Baumbach (Greenberg, Frances Ah). Starring Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver,

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Duffy/Bowie exclusive signed book and print offer

on March 17, 2015


“Snapping pictures of naked limbs and reptile grins“


In celebration of David Bowie is at Philharmonie de Paris (, and the publication of the French language version of Duffy/Bowie - Five Sessions, the Duffy Archive has made a generous offer to users of

If you’ve not yet had a chance to see the remarkable Duffy/Bowie - Five Sessions book by Kevin Cann and Chris Duffy, then this is your chance to get your hands on a signed copy of the English language version along with a selection of Duffy/Bowie prints.

Five Sessions provides fascinating

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Bowie launches global offensive this day in 1983

on March 17, 2015


“The song they're playin' on the radio”


David Bowie’s worldwide smash hit single, Let’s Dance, was released 32 years ago today.­

Considering the previous album, Scary Monsters, Let’s Dance heralded yet another sharp change in direction for Bowie and this single and it’s flipside (a rerecording of Cat People) were perfect tasters for the album of the same name which followed in April.

Aside from the new sound that producer Nile Rodgers brought to the table, albeit very much influenced by the sound of his own band, Chic, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan provided his distinctive signature guitar

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164-page French MUZIQ Bowie special

on March 16, 2015


“The Muziq is outside”


You’ve no doubt already seen this, it’s another French publication celebrating the arrival of David Bowie is at Philharmonie de Paris

It’s a beautifully designed little thing, jam-packed with features and photos which you can get a flavour of courtesy of photo journalist, Philippe Auliac, who (as you can see from our montage), took some of the very best live shots of Bowie as the Thin White Duke.

Scroll the images to view a random grab of a few of the pages from Muziq #4 (also kindly supplied by Philippe Auliac). Read all about it in French here.

We’ll leave you

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Eric Dahan and Jérôme Soligny on Bowie the actor

on March 11, 2015


“Hooked to the silver screen”


French Bowie know-it-alls and regular all round chaps, Eric Dahan and Jérôme Soligny, cast their collective eye back over David Bowie’s long and distinguished acting career for Sophie Soligny’s film blog: ANOTHER FILM ANOTHER PLANET.

In keeping with the Parisian flavour this page has had recently, the feature is in French, but if you’re not a reader of that particular language, stick it through an online translator to get the gist.

If you see this crude method as an insult and bastardisation of the work of the journalists involved, perhaps you could identify