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National 8-Track Tape Day is almost upon us

on April 01, 2015


“Strange tapes they would play then“


Following a recent feature in Record Collector magazine, it is apparent that the once neglected and much maligned 8-track cartridge has now become popular among collectors. So much so that there is now a National 8 Track Tape Day in the USA scheduled for April 11th.

Naturally Bowie figures highly among the most collectable artists and you can view a small selection of some of the more desirable tapes from around the world by scrolling/swiping the images accompanying this item.

Pictured are the impossibly rare 1967 US Deram stereo cartridge through to

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Hyrtis creates epic stop-motion Life On Mars? video

on March 26, 2015


“Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know“


The Creators Project has posted a piece about a wonderful tribute to David Bowie in the shape of a stop-motion animation of Life On Mars?, by French artist and musician, Gladys Hulot, a.k.a. Hyrtis.

The work that has gone into this piece is remarkable and it's worth exploring the video almost frame by frame, such is the quality of the art.

The visual is accompanied by a haunting instrumental version of the song, also created by Hyrtis, where the vocal melody is played on a saw. Hyrtis told Emerson Rosenthal of The Creators Project:


“I made the

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Bowie item on Vivement Dimanche with Michel Drucker

on March 22, 2015


“It’s happening now“


Don’t know exactly what the format will be here, but our French friend, Jérôme Soligny, has been in touch with details of a TV programme about to air on France 2.

Over to Jérôme...


Chevallier and Laspalès are a duet of humourists and one of the most popular acts on the French comic scene since 1981. They are also art connoisseurs and Philippe (Chevallier) is a respected photographer. Régis (Laspalès) is a great admirer of David Bowie and without being an expert he knows a lot about his work.

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Bowie/Sukita limited GAS T-shirts available now

on March 20, 2015


“I like the T-shirts in Bologna“


Back in the first week of March, Italian denim brand GAS announced that it was collaborating with Ono Arte Contemporanea, art gallery of Bologna, Italy, for the “Heroes” exhibition there of Masayoshi Sukita’s David Bowie photographs.

The brand utilised two iconic images from the “Heroes” album cover shoot and has produced a numbered edition of two different T-shirts, limited to 1,000 for each of the two designs.

Barbara Grotto, marketing and communication manager at GAS, commented: “Originality, authenticity, desire for freedom and a speck of rebellion

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New Anton Corbijn Bowie portrait...or is it?

on March 19, 2015


“Turns out it was just a reflektor“


Dutch photographer, music video director and film director, Anton Corbijn, is no doubt familiar to many of you, as his is the name credited with capturing many fine images of David Bowie since 1980.

Anton first posted the rather enigmatic picture of David Bowie in our montage in celebration of Bowie’s birthday back on January 8th.

It was a strange shot that was hard to place. It seemed to be of Bowie circa 1975/76, but something wasn’t quite right. On closer inspection, the eyebrows looked a little odd and that hairline was just plain bizarre.

There was