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David Bowie Is in Fairfax and Dallas tonight

on January 08, 2015


“Hooked to the silver screen”


This Bowie Birthday evening sees two further US screenings of Hamish Hamilton’s David Bowie is documentary. Follow the links below for more info.





David Bowie Is takes audiences on an extraordinary journey through the ground-breaking exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Described by The Times as “stylish & outrageous,” the exhibition features a remarkable collection of photographs, stage costumes, and other rare possessions from the David Bowie Archive.

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BowieBall and birthday bash in Chicago

on January 08, 2015


“Wild is the windy city”


If you’re in Chicago tonight and Friday and you're missing the Bowie buzz since the David Bowie Is exhibition moved on, you can get another quick fix at two separate events.

DJ Heaven Malone has been in touch with details of both, but the quickest way to find out about them is to visit his FB page here.


Alternatively, visit these dedicated pages...

BOWIEBALL - David Bowie's Birthday - Thursday, January 8th at Berlin Nightclub

BOWIE BIRTHDAY BASH - Friday, January 9th at Metro Chicago 

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Happy Birthday David Bowie

on January 08, 2015


“Fill your heart with love today”


We’re sure you’ll want to join us in wishing many happy returns of the day to David Bowie on his 68th birthday.

Happy Birthday David, and here’s to what looks to be a very promising 2015. Lots of love to you from all of us.


(Stay tuned for details of lots of Bowie birthday celebration fan events taking place around the globe over the next few days)

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Russian and Ukrainian Bowie fans Birthday Message

on January 08, 2015


“Wham Bam thank you fans!”


Elizabeth from BowieConference ( got in touch yesterday to tell us about a David Bowie Birthday Message Flashmob 2015 from Russian and Ukrainian fans.

The message takes the form of a delightful and touching five and a half minute film, populated by fans displaying personal messages to David.

You can view the full thing here


Flashmob is made by David Bowie Fans vk group

Idea: Anastasia Zamashchikova

Director: Olga Twighlight

Producer: Lidia Mishchenko, Ekaterina Stetciuk

Edit: Wanda Bark, Aleksandr Olkha

PR, translate: Elizabeth

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Changes 45 released 43 years ago today

on January 07, 2015


“Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers”


On January 7th 1972, the day before David Bowie's 25th birthday, RCA in the UK issued their first ever David Bowie single in the shape of Changes/Andy Warhol. (North America got it the month before)

The track was the first to be lifted from Hunky Dory, an album these days considered by most (with a full set of working ears), to be one of the very best of all time.

However, despite being a Tony Blackburn Record Of The Week on BBC Radio 1 (a big deal back then), neither album nor single worried the UK charts upon release.

Viewed from today’s perspective,