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ANCIANT Album Focus: Low

on August 21, 2017


“Share my life”


In the run up to the September 29th release of the David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town (1977–1982) box set (ANCIANT), we’ll be running a week by week album focus looking at each in chronological order.


As you’ve no doubt gathered, we’re starting with the first LP in the set, 1977’s Low.


Listen to this classic and hugely influential recording over at the official David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town playlist, updated regularly with instant grat tracks and including the material released by Bowie between 1977 and 1982: 


Pre-order ANCIANT here.



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ANCIANT unboxing video

on August 18, 2017


“Come see, come see...”


Here’s an exclusive first look at the unboxing of the David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town (1977–1982) box set, due September 29th.  


Pre-order here:



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Visconti and Murphy talk DB in UNCUT

on August 17, 2017


“We had a friend, a talking man”


The October 2017 issue of Uncut magazine has an interview with Tony Visconti and another with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.


Here’s a bit from Michael Bonner’s monthly introduction to the new issue...


+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +


Tony Visconti gives us a sneak preview of his Lodger remix in the forthcoming David Bowie retrospective box set: “I found some little gems on the tapes,” he reveals, telling us about Arabic raps, the original Lodger sessions and Bowie’s later attitude to re-releases.


On the subject of

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Happy 17th birthday to Lexi

on August 15, 2017


“You’re only seventeen”


We’re sure you will all want to join us in wishing many happy returns of the day to Alexandria Zahra Jones on her 17th birthday.


Lexi is 16 in this picture, which was posted by her mother, Iman, last year.


The colour pic (by DEZO HOFFMANN) is of her father, Davie Jones, in 1964, an ambitious 17-year-old King Bee himself with a very bright future ahead of him.


Happy Birthday Lexi, here’s wishing you a similarly bright future with love ‘n stuff from everybody here.



FOOTNOTE: Congratulations are also due to Iman on becoming a grandmother, with the arrival of

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Labyrinth OST, don't forget the black vinyl

on August 04, 2017


“Putting on the black vinyl, cranking out the white noise”


Back in June we told you about today’s release via UMe of the limited green and lavender vinyl editions of the Labyrinth soundtrack.


However, in our excitement, we neglected to mention the 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl edition with free download code (released on July 7th), though it seems enough of you noticed to get it to #4 on the following week’s Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40


There are some that aren’t so keen for coloured vinyl releases, but, of course, black vinyl is a kind of coloured vinyl in itself, as the