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Full BBC Bowie schedule for January

on December 22, 2016


“Waiting for the gift of sound and vision”


We told you all about the upcoming Bowie coverage on the BBC back on November 4 (


Now we have full details of eleven different Bowie-related broadcasts on BBC TV and Radio, and it’s possible that list may increase nearer the time.


Hopefully we’ll have some exclusive content ahead of the dates listed below, along with links to the individual broadcasts.


Here follows the dates for your diary, keep reading for more detail regarding each programme.




Thursday 5 January



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Sotheby's catalogues now in BowieStore

on December 18, 2016


“Had to cram so many things to store everything in there...”


The Official BowieStore is stocking a limited quantity of the three volume Bowie Collector catalogue set, previously only available at Sotheby's in London, during the Bowie Collector auctions there, last month.


Currently selling on auction sites for up to £300 GBP (approx. $375 USD), they are priced in the BowieStore at the same rate they were selling for at Sotheby's.


This three volume set is sold in the original outer wraparound cover, as pictured here.

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Visconti exclusive on co-producing with Bowie

on December 18, 2016


“So I, I got to tell you...” *


Earlier in the week, awarded David Bowie and Tony Visconti with the best record producers of 2016 for their work on Bowie’s ★ album. This is what the ‘THE NO.1 WEBSITE FOR MUSICIANS’ had to say regarding that final collaboration:


+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +


The 10 best record producers of 2016 - Winner: David Bowie/Tony Visconti


We lost far too many musicians this year, but few of the losses felt as tough as that of David Bowie, just a few days into 2016.


Typically, though, he managed to orchestrate the

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Last chance to win #2 BTC Collectors’ Edition

on December 17, 2016


“and Lo! it was midnight, Back o' the kitchen door...”


Just a few hours to go for your chance to enter this exclusive contest to win #2 of only 100 numbered copies of the extraordinary Collectors’ Edition of Andrew Kent’s beautiful book, David Bowie : Behind The Curtain, courtesy of the book’s publisher, PSG.


The contest closes at midnight tonight (Saturday December 17th), UK time.


The three 1976 images here are taken from the book, from whence we’ve taken the following captions, in a clockwise fashion from top left...


1 - David looks through a French magazine with a cover story on

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Hunky Dory is 45 today

on December 17, 2016


“Oh, look out you rock ’n rollers”


David Bowie’s Hunky Dory LP (his first for RCA), was released on this day in the UK in 1971. The album had already been released in the USA at this point, as had the attendant single, Changes.


However, despite a decent press campaign and very appreciative reviews, the record didn't enter the UK Top 50 for another ten months and it took several more weeks before it finally entered the Top 20 right at the height of Ziggymania.


Hunky Dory eventually peaked at #3, incredible when one considers how valuable a recording the majority of Bowie fans (and