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Reznor praises Bowie and TND in The Hollywood Reporter

on December 18, 2013


“A big surprise, right between the eyes”


The January 3, 2014, issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine has a great appreciation of David Bowie and The Next Day written by Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor.

The unheralded arrival of the album clearly left an impression on Trent, as evidenced in this edited version of the closing paragraphs of the piece.


“I'm still unravelling the riddle that he presented. I'm still getting new meanings out of the lyrics. What I thought was conservative production now feels forward-thinking.

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Vote in NME’s Ultimate Musical Moment Of 2013 Poll

on December 17, 2013


“One magical moment”


NME has launched a poll that you may wish to take part in. ’David Bowie's Surprise Return On His 66th Birthday’ is one of the 20 moments vying for your vote.

Currently at #3 with 6.27% of the vote, it seems the Bowie moment definitely impressed NME. Pictured here are the three NME Bowie covers published this year.

Cast your vote here.

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Love Is Lost white vinyl 12" out now

on December 16, 2013


“To paint that lost love upon a white single” 
The headline says it. The limited edition white vinyl of Love Is Lost/I’d Rather Be High is out now…or will be very shortly depending on your location. Here’s the tracklisting once more.
12" - Side A
1 - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)    
12" - Side B
1 - I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)    
2 - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA - Edit)
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See Erdal Kizilcay’s Glass Spider show in London

on December 10, 2013


“He’ll build a glass asylum”


Fans of David Bowie’s 80s work will know well the name of Erdal Kizilcay. The multi-instrumentalist worked on various Bowie projects such as Let's Dance, Never Let Me Down, Absolute Beginners and Labyrinth during the decade and into the 90s for the Buddha of Suburbia and Outside albums.

Erdal was also a member of the Bowie band on The Glass Spider World Tour of 1987 and the Sound + Vision World Tour in 1990.

Next Tuesday (December 17th), 26 years on from the end of The Glass Spider World Tour, The Glass Spider Band, featuring original tour members Erdal

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Tom Hingston talks IRBH to Creative Review

on December 09, 2013


“The Thames was black, the tower dark”


Director Tom Hingston has spoken to Creative Review regarding the thought processes behind the making of David Bowie’s I’d Rather Be High video.

Here’s a Hingston quotation from the piece.


“We wanted it to feel like a found relic, discovered, as if from another time.