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Happy New Year and Happy 50th to Bowie

on January 01, 2014


“Drink, drink, drain your glass, raise your glass high”


A very happy 2014 to everybody reading this from everybody here at

Thank you for your incredible support over 2013, it has been hugely appreciated.

While we’re in celebratory mood, here’s to David Bowie’s 50th year as a recording artist and here’s to many more. Cheers!

(Apologies to Barnbrook for the crude appropriation of the TND cover)

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David Bowie and the beauty of three

on December 31, 2013


“Is it nice in your snowstorm? Three’s in your brain…”


Here’s a bit of seasonal fun to wave off 2013 with.

When Bowie fan numerologists (yes, there are many of them) saw that the release date for David Bowie’s The Next Day was the third month of 2013, they knew the signs looked promising.

As we’ve mentioned previously, years with a three in them have been good for David Bowie releases in the UK.

He has had #1 albums (vinyl versions of which play at 33 1/3) in every year with a three in it since he started releasing long players, except for 2003 when Reality reached…you guessed it, #3.

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Elvis on This Is Radio Clash...or is it?

on December 26, 2013


“Elvis is English”


Listeners to the 6 Music special, This Is Radio Clash, were pleasantly surprised to hear a previously unbroadcast message from Elvis Presley imitating David Bowie today.

The message was sandwiched between Wink Martindale’s Deck Of Cards and Anthony Boy by Chuck Berry.

The show kicked off with David Bowie’s own The Laughing Gnome, which set the tone for vari-speed messages peppered throughout the show from Clash Manager, Bernard "Bernie" Rhodes.

The programme concluded with the seasonal favourite, Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy by David Bowie and Bing Crsoby.


if you

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Seasonal message from David Bowie

on December 25, 2013


Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Jolly New Year - David Bowie 2013

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Rolling Stone France 84-page Bowie Special

on December 23, 2013


“You look like a Rolling Stone”


Can’t elaborate any further than the headline really, suffice to say, this handsome Bowie special is available physically and digitally now.

Scroll to view the content page, albeit in French.