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Diamond Dogs picture disc out tomorrow

on June 22, 2014


“It’s a dog’s tomorrow”


Forty years ago today, David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs 45 entered the UK singles chart at #37 (eventually climbing to #21), to give him his eleventh Top 30 hit to that date. (Those eleven hits included seven which made the Top 10.)

So that’s pretty good timing to remind you of tomorrow’s very tasty limited edition 7" picture disc release of the 40th anniversary issue of Diamond Dogs. (Regional variations apply)

See the original news item and press release here.


FOOTNOTE: For those of you that don’t recognise today’s lyric quotation, it’s from I Pray, Olé, a bonus

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Knock On Wood is next 40th Anniversary Picture Disc

on June 11, 2014


“You got me spinning, baby”


September 22nd sees the release of another very special limited DAVID BOWIE 7" picture disc release, the 40th anniversary edition of 'KNOCK ON WOOD (LIVE) / ROCK 'N' ROLL WITH ME (LIVE)'

Originally released in Autumn 1974 and taken from DAVID LIVE, these two 2005 mixes by Tony Visconti are making their vinyl debut. The original DAVID LIVE single mix of KNOCK ON WOOD was a UK top 10, however the US went with ROCK 'N' ROLL WITH ME also from DAVID LIVE in response to Donovan’s recent cover version there.



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Happy Birthday Heathen

on June 11, 2014


“But I I I and my heathen heart”


David Bowie’s Heathen album was released on this day in 2002. (June 11 US/June 10 UK)

The advertising campaign utilised the legend: CLASSIC DAVID BOWIE CIRCA 2002.

Remind yourself of just how accurate that statement is here.

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PopUp Chorus tackles Let’s Dance

on June 10, 2014


“It was ragged and naïve, It was Heaven”


The headline says it, but here’s a bit of background from the folks at PopUp Chorus℠.


Recorded on Monday, June 2, 2014 at DSI Comedy Theatre in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At each PopUp Chorus℠ event, we invite everybody and their brother to come out and sing two themed songs. Friends and strangers show up to join this random gathering we call PopUp Chorus℠. There's no audition, no weekly commitment and no prior experience necessary to participate. Each song is rehearsed for about 45 minutes before we film and record.

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Bowie Special on Channel Radio at 1:00 GMT today

on June 07, 2014


“And me I’m on a radio show”


Author, radio presenter and non-stop go-go dancer, Kevin Cann, has been in touch with details of a four hour Bowie Special on Channel Radio today.

The broadcast marks Bowie’s fifty years as a recording artist and we asked Kevin what we can expect from the celebration.


“Realising that we had an important DB commemorative date fast approaching and as George Underwood was very much part of that historical release, I ran the idea of an interview about it all past him a couple of weeks ago.