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September 27 good for Scary Monsters and Reality

on September 27, 2014


“More Idols than realities”


Both David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) and Reality entered the UK album chart on this day in 1980 and 2003 respectively.

The former entered at #1 and the latter at #3, which were also the peak positions for both.

Both artworks featured paintings of Bowie as have a few of the other 27 Bowie studio albums (can you name the others?).

However, it may have escaped your attention that Edward Bell’s Scary Monsters painting has a flipped image of Bowie, the eyes are the obvious giveaway.

Bell got it right later for his portrait of Bowie which he is

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BowieBall NYC 2014 on sale now

on September 25, 2014


“New York’s In Love”


It’s that time of year again and Deryck Todd has been in touch with details of this year’s BowieBall in NYC.

You have a little over a fortnight (October 12) to get your look together if you want to try and out-Bowie one of the stars of the video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight), Iselin Steiro.

Iselin, who played a young Bowie clone in the promo, is pictured here from a shoot from October 2010 for Vogue Paris.

Visit the BowieBallNYC page to view pictures from past events and to purchase tickets for this one.

We are duty-bound to point out that this is not an official

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Outside album’s last year as a teenager

on September 25, 2014


“The music is outside”


David Bowie’s 1. Outside album was released on this day in 1995, the same week that the first single from the album, The Hearts Filthy Lesson, entered the UK single chart at #35.

Outside entered the UK chart at #8 and narrowly missed the US Billboard Top 20 when it peaked there at #21.

The album was supported by the brilliant 1995/1996 Outside World Tour, which kicked off on September 14 in Hartford in the US, and a couple of remarkable videos for The Hearts Filthy Lesson and Strangers When We Meet single releases.

Remind yourself just how good an album it is via

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David Bowie is documentary in Canada tonight

on September 25, 2014


“Hooked to the silver screen”


A brief reminder that there will be screenings of David Bowie is across Canada this evening.

We’re also pleased to announce that due to the success of this nationwide presentation in America on Tuesday, encores are now planned in the US for November 18.

As ever, check DavidBowieIsFilm for screenings near you and to book tickets.

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David Bowie is documentary in the US tonight

on September 23, 2014


“Like the V&A films we saw”


Are you a young* American Bowie fan wondering if there’s anything decent on the box this evening?

Well stop right there and go check ticket availability at your nearest participating cinema for the David Bowie is documentary film, this very evening.

And don’t forget, from September 25 young* Canadians can see the film and then the worldwide youth* can enjoy it from November 5.


* Actually, people of all ages are welcome, but the Bowie pun wouldn't have worked otherwise.