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No Plan EP Tops 2017 Vinyl Chart

on January 05, 2018


“My-my, Someone fetch a priest…”


On the day that David Bowie’s Beauty And The Beast limited edition 40th-anniversary 7" picture disc is released (today), we thought it relevant to mention that the Official UK Charts Company has announced that Bowie has topped the Official Top 40 biggest selling vinyl singles of 2017 with his No Plan EP.


Along with the #1 placing, Bowie also claims three more spots in the Top 10, and he shares #25 with Placebo.


The Official Top 40 biggest selling vinyl singles of 2017 were:




03 -

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Help Geoff MacCormack find mystery fans

on January 02, 2018


“Where are we now, where are we now?”


You’re probably familiar with Geoff MacCormack’s picture of David Bowie signing autographs for three fans in 1973.


We're not certain of the gender of the lucky threesome (it was confusing in those days), and neither are we 100% certain of the whereabouts of the signing, though it’s most likely in Bournemouth on Friday May 25th, 1973, before the Bowie and The Spiders show at the Winter Gardens.


Do you recognise yourself in the picture, or do you perhaps know who these young folk are? If so, please let us know here in the comments section on

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A Happy New Year and a brand new moon

on January 01, 2018


“I'll place the moon within your heart”


Inspired by Iman’s New Year supermoon Instagram post, here’s a previously unpublished picture of David Bowie by Total Blam Blam.


Obviously the moon was added after the fact, the original picture was taken at the Extras shoot in 2006.


Stay tuned for an exciting first week of 2018 leading up to January 8th and what would have been David’s 71st birthday.




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Duncan launches Bowie Book Club via Twitter

on December 28, 2017


“Screaming above Central London”


Back in October 2013 we exclusively posted the complete list of “DAVID BOWIE'S TOP 100 BOOKS”.


In case you’ve not already seen it on Twitter, Duncan Jones has now kicked off what we’re calling the Bowie Book Club. Here’s what he said about the idea and his first selection.



+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +


Duncan Jones @ManMadeMoon Dec 27

My dad was a beast of a reader. One of his true loves was Peter Ackroyd’s sojourns into the history of Britain & its cities.

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“Listen to me”

on December 25, 2017