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TV collects MPG Innovation Award for DB

on February 13, 2014


“A new world, new ways ever free”


Tony Visconti flew into the UK yesterday (Wednesday) to collect The Innovator Award on David Bowie’s behalf at the Music Producers Guild Awards ceremony in London this evening.

Here’s what he said as he picked up the award:


“It is an honour and a privilege to accept this award on behalf of my friend and collaborator of 47 years, David Bowie. He deserves it because he is the one and the only DAVID BOWIE.”


Tony himself was up for the International Producer of the Year, which in the event went to Rick Rubin.

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Sound And Vision 45 released this day in 1977

on February 11, 2014


“Don’t you wonder sometimes”


Originally a #3 UK hit for Bowie in 1977 when it was released as the first single from the classic Low album, Sound And Vision was unusual in that the lead vocal didn’t appear until half way through the song.

It was also strange that it didn’t precede the album release and considering this and the fact that RCA barely promoted the single in the UK, it’s surprising it did so well on the singles chart there.

Produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti, the song also featured a guest vocal from Mary Hopkin, Visconti’s then wife.

If you’ve not heard Sound And Vision

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Ziggy and The Spiders TV debut this day in 1972

on February 08, 2014


“Switch on the TV we may pick him up on channel two”


In the UK 42 years ago this evening, David Bowie was among the people to catch the television debut of an exciting young artist and his new band, Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, though they weren't yet billed as such.

Having recorded three tracks for the broadcast the previous day, Bowie and band had been readying themselves for the official start of the Ziggy Stardust tour at the Toby Jug on February 10th.

The show was The Old Grey Whistle Test and the songs recorded were Queen Bitch, Five Years and Oh! You Pretty Things.

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14 David Bowie songs in NME all-time top 500

on February 05, 2014


“A couple of songs from your old scrapbook”


Hot on the heels of their top 500 albums poll, the latest issue of NME (February 8th) has a cover feature titled: The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.

David Bowie has a long list of compositions in the poll, with a half page devoted to "Heroes" alone. Here’s the opening paragraph of that particular article:


“The list of things that are wrong with "Heroes" is a short one. In summary: those quotation marks. They seem to provide a song of such unrestrained emotion with a get-out-of-jail-free disclaimer of irony.

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David Bowie is exhibition opens in Brazil

on January 30, 2014


“Take a look at my life and you’ll see”


As previously mentioned on these pages and following it’s run at the AGO in Toronto, the V&A’s hugely successful David Bowie is Exhibition is about to open at the Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The museum hosts the exhibition for an eleven week run from 31 January to 20 April 2014 and if you haven’t already, you can book tickets and read about some of the related events here.

Visit Estadao and Zero Hora for exhibition images and more.