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New Complete David Bowie due next month

on September 24, 2016


“Words are flowing out like endless rain”


Next month Titan Books issues the latest and biggest edition yet of the Bowie-obsessive’s most useful of resources, The Complete David Bowie.


Authored by Nicholas Pegg, the 800-page brick of a thing is due on October 25th, expanded and updated with 70,000 words of new material. And that’s a sneak preview of one of the latest entries in our montage.


Keep reading for more details.


#CompleteDavidBowie  #BowieBook





The biggest edition yet – expanded and updated with

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WCIBN? Released worldwide today

on September 23, 2016


“Now. Not tomorrow, It's happening now”


Today sees the release of the second of David Bowie‘s era box sets: Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976).


Meanwhile, BBC Radio 6 Music in the UK has WCIBN? As their album of the day.



#WCIBNBox  #WhoCanIBeNowBox  #Bowie6Music

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New Helen Green gif for WCIBN?

on September 22, 2016


“Time may change me ”


In celebration of tomorrow’s worldwide release of David Bowie - Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976), Helen Green Art (whose animations Bowie fans will already know very well), has created this beautiful piece of work, right here.


#WCIBNBox  #WhoCanIBeNowBox  #HelenGreenArtBowie

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UNCUT WCIBN? promo goody bag giveaway

on September 19, 2016


“I’ve got some real nice stuff here in my bag”


In celebration of the release of David Bowie‘s new box set: Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976), this coming Friday (23rd), UNCUT magazine has six promo goody bags to give away.


Each prize includes: one slip mat, one tote bag and one t-shirt.


As previously mentioned, David Bowie is the cover star of the current UNCUT and you can enter the contest here.



#WCIBNBox  #WhoCanIBeNowBox  #BowieUNCUT

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WCIBN? Album Focus: Live Nassau Coliseum ’76

on September 18, 2016


“And once there were sunbirds to soar with”


As you know, Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 is currently the selected album from the upcoming David Bowie - Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976) box set.


Recorded live at the Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY, U.S.A., 23rd March, 1976, the album is the official document of the Isolar/Station To Station tour.


Bowie’s band for the shows (collectively known as Raw Moon) consisted of: Carlos Alomar (rhythm guitar), Stacy Heydon (lead guitar), Dennis Davis (drums and percussion), George Murray (bass) and Tony Kaye (keyboards and synthesisers). Bowie himself